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How Air Conditioning Changed The World

Air conditioning allows you to control the humidity and temperature within an indoor area. Humans are clever however they are nowhere near the control of the weather outdoors, so for now, we will have to be satisfied with controlling it inside.

Since the invention of air conditioning, it has had some unexpected effects on the world and is slowly changing it.

Ever since the fire was mastered, humans have been able to change their temperature to warm themselves up, however, cooling down has appeared to be more difficult, especially when it is hot.  Back in the day, the Roman emperor ordered slaves to collect snow from the top of the mountains and stack it up in his garden as he believed it would cool the air inside.

However, it is needless to say this was not a scalable solution. Air conditioning as we know it started out in 1902. Unfortunately, when it was first invented it had nothing to do with human comfort.

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Wider benefits of air conditioning

  • Early printing presses had a big problem with humidity. This was solved by Willis Carrier who figured out that circulating air over coils that were chilled compressed ammonia and maintained the humidity at a constant 55%. This was the invention of cooling the air.
  • Air conditioning also changed the way that buildings are built. The glass front high rise buildings that dominate the larger cities could not exist without air conditioning.
  • It has made us more productive in offices and improved learning within schools.

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