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Why should you have your HVAC system serviced?

Why should you have your HVAC system serviced?

Indoor air quality is a concern that both building managers and inhabitants have and therefore they usually install a HVAC system.

Once it has been installed, having your HVAC system serviced is essential for the overall lifespan of the system. This is due to the large amounts of dust and particles that build up over time.

Within building environments, a large amount of contaminants and air pollutants are generated. These include particles such as dust and chemicals etc. Due to the way in which the system works, it will then pull in these particles and recirculates them up to 7 times a day. (However, this is just an average). Overtime, the re-circulation will eventually cause a build-up of particles and contaminants in the ductwork.

When a HVAC system is contaminated, it does not necessarily mean that the air that is being produced is unhealthy; however, it could be contributing to larger health issues or pursuing issues which could occur in the future.

Benefits of a HVAC system service

  • Helps to reduce costs by minimising emergency call out charges. Also helps to reduce the risk of service disruption and potential loss of sales depending on your business.
  • Carried out by a professional to assess the cleanliness and structural integrity of a HVAC system.
  • Any problems with the system are able to be fixed whilst the system is being serviced.

Our service

Here at Midland Air Conditioning, we offer a HVAC system service helping to maintain and protect your property or business from unnecessary damage or needless disruption from a broken down HVAC system. Contact us on 0121 730 4800 for more information.

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