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Air Conditioning Unit Problems in the Winter.



During our recent flurry of cold weather and even our small sprinkling of snow, we have taken multiple calls each day from customers experiencing issues with their current air con units.

Ok, we understand the sub-zero temperatures aren’t exactly ideal conditions but many of these problems that are occurring are common issues and could be easily avoided if the right action was taken.

The most common issue is that of a false alarm. Customers often believe their units are developing problems in the winter without them really doing so. Customers see water leaking from their outdoor units and instantly think something is wrong. Although this is a perfectly normal action for the unit to perform when in heating mode. Another instance of customers instantly believing there is a problem is when they hear a loud noise coming from the air con unit. Air con units are typically noisier when the weather is cold and therefore this isn’t something you really need to worry about.

Preventing Faults in the Winter

There are some key tips Midland Air Conditioning advise you follow to prevent air conditioning unit problems during the winter. The first being make sure your unit has no obstruction so it doesn’t have to work any harder than it should. This way it can run as efficiently as possible.

Set your control inside to a reasonable temperature. Take into consideration the outside temperature which will be lower than in the summer. With that in mind around about 23 degrees is usually adequate. This means you won’t be asking your unit to perform under excessive strain and will minimise issues.

Lastly if you encounter any errors or error codes turn the whole system off for around 10 seconds then restart. This usually resolves the error or in certain circumstances you may need a reset from one of our engineers.

Our best advice to prevent air conditioning faults all year round to stay up to date with air conditioning services and maintenance.

If you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning, whether it’s the result of the cold weather or anything else, get in touch on 0121 730 4800.

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