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Close Controlled Equipment

At Midland Air Conditioning we offer our valued customers a wide range of aircon services, including the installation, maintenance and repair of close controlled equipment.

Close controlled equipment from MAC is designed for specialist environments that require a greater level of temperature control than what is provided from standard air conditioning systems.

These units are ideal for maintaining the temperature of areas such as server rooms, data centres, telecommunications facilities and clean room environments.

At Midland Air Coniditoning our team of close controlled equipment engineers work with the highest calibre of close control system, with our units including humidity control functions and the capability to handle much higher sensible heat loads than an average air conditioning system.

Close controlled equipment is of vital importance when cooling areas containing critical applications that require precise control of air temperature and humidity levels that need to be monitored and maintained.

It’s imperative to ensure that expensive and important equipment is kept cool to reduce the risk of overheating and malfunctions, so close controlled equipment from Midland Air Conditioning could be an invaluable investment for your business.

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