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Fresh Air & Extraction Equipment

As the number one Birmingham air conditioning services and facility management company, Midland Air Conditioning can install, maintain and repair an extensive range of fresh air and extraction equipment systems to leave your home, office or store feeling fresh all year round.

These units are especially ideal if you’re looking to maintain a fresh and comfortable environment in an office, shop or basement area.

Often used as toilet air extraction systems and for heat recovery ventilation, we work with top of the range equipment that is designed to bring fresh air into an area to replace stale air that is extracted.

At the same time, lost heat from the extracted air is recovered by the unit, ensuring wastage is kept to a minimum and that our fresh air and extraction systems keep costs down to a minimum.

By exchanging heat and humidity between exhaust and supply air, our systems provide fresh air ventilation which saves both energy and money.

This offers your business a cheaper air conditioning installation which is environmentally-efficient and cost-effective.

For a completely free, no obligation quote on a fresh air and extraction equipment enquiry, get in touch with the number one West Midlands air conditioning company today by calling us on our freephone line 0121 730 4800.

Alternatively, get in touch with one of our friendly air conditioning and MAC facility management team via our online enquiry form.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, and one of our team will be happy to provide you with extra information on any air conditioning or facility management query that you may have.

Call today on 0121 730 4800 for a free no obligation quote

Call today on 01621 778 649 for a free no obligation quote