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Split & Multi-Split Type Systems

At Midland Air Conditioning we work with split and multi-split type air conditioning systems, offering consistent superior performance that is energy efficient and ideal for all of your air conditioning needs.

Our split air conditioning units provide a comfortable indoor temperature that is also environmentally friendly.

Consisting of one indoor unit and one outdoor unit, our energy saving designs are easy to install and offer customers a cost-effective air conditioning solution.

Ideal for smaller jobs, such as small shops, bedrooms or living rooms, split systems from Midland Air Conditioning are the perfect way to maintain a cool and comfortable environment throughout the year.

Our MAC air conditioning services also include the installation, maintenance and repair of our useful multi-split air conditioning systems.

Multi-split systems are ideal for keeping several rooms or a large floor space at an ideal temperature whilst still being simple and easy to operate.

Perfect for all environments, from home and office to store and shopping centre, multi-split systems from MAC guarantee comfort with multiple indoor units of all shapes and sizes connected to one compact and low noise outdoor unit.

If you’d like to know more about our split or multi-split system air conditioning service, our friendly team of aircon servicing experts are on hand today to provide you with a completely free, no obligation quote.

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