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Water Chillers

Our Midland facility management services extend to the maintenance and repair of water chiller systems.

There are an innovative and alternative way to cool the air of a building on an industrial, residential or commercial scale, and can be beneficial for offices, stores and homes of all sizes.

Our water chiller systems consist of a large central plant which sends chilled water via pipework to fan coil units.

These units are then used to the cool air in a certain area, with water then re-circulated back to the chiller to be cooled again – ensuring wastage is kept to a minimum.

Chilled water air conditioning systems are often used when cooling a large capacity or area, such as supermarkets, large offices and factories.

However, more and more homes are now using these residential air conditioning systems as an alternative to refrigerant-based systems.

For more information on our water chiller systems, or to find out more about our air conditioning service in general, contact Midland Air Conditioning today – your premier West Midlands air conditioning company!

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