Air Conditioning FAQs

Installation FAQs

An air conditioning unit is designed to distribute (hot and cold) air throughout a room or building. It can also help improve the air quality and act as a dehumidifier.

All outdoor units we fit are able to withstand the harsh weather conditions we experience in the winter. We do not advise covering the unit as if the system is turned on by accident without uncovering the outside unit, it could cause serious damage to the system. However, we would recommend that you have your air conditioning system serviced after this period to ensure it is working as it should be.

The cost of an air conditioning system will depend mainly on the size of the room you wish to install the unit in and the type of unit you are installing. MAC offer a wide range of air conditioning systems all varying in price. Check out our online price calculator for an accurate quote for air conditioning installation based on your requirements.

All of our quotes include the air conditioners and installation of your system.

If your current air conditioner is showing signs of failure, you should look at installing a new system. These signs include an increase in running costs, regular refrigerant refills and also, old age could be a factor.

Here at Midland Air Conditioning we provide install, repair and service solutions for both domestic and commercial settings. We can be contacted by email or phone to assist in a wide array of situations; from purchasing an air conditioning system for the home to providing maintenance on an office water chiller system. Alternatively, you can book an appointment to view our showroom and meet the team whilst discussing your AC needs. We even have an online calculator you can use to obtain an immediate quote on an air conditioning system for your home and directly purchase a complete installation online.

MAC takes pride in offering the best AC solutions at affordable prices and also offer flexible payment options suited to your needs. There are two main options to choose from; Buy Now Pay Later or Interest Bearing Credit.

Buy Now Pay Later provides the option of deferring your payment for a set period and selecting how long you’d like to pay monthly once the deferral period ends. You will be charged interest after this deferral period but you can start your payments beforehand to further reduce the interest you pay. Alternatively, you can select Interest Bearing Credit which also allows you to spread the cost with monthly payments, although these payments will start immediately you will be able to set the repayment period to suit you and you will have a lower interest rate compared to Buy Now Pay Later.

With either option you may be required to place a deposit beforehand, but this solely depends on the value of your order and will be clearly explained by a member of the MAC team. For further details, please refer to our finance page.

Installation FAQs

MAC are happy to provide air conditioning installations during evenings or weekends to suit your requirements. If you have any time constraints or restrictions on working hours, please let our team know and we will advise you accordingly.

The answer to this question is no however, it is completely dependant upon a range of factors such as the size of the installation and unfortunately, whether you need planning permission will vary from property to property. However, if you do not own the property or premise you wish to install air con in, you may need the landlords consent.

The time taken to install an air conditioning unit depends on the size of the installation and other factors. However, upon enquiring, our team can provide you with an approximate indication of how long the installation will take.

Air conditioning unit FAQs

All the air conditioning units we supply at MAC are exceptionally quiet and should not cause any noise disruption whilst functioning.

The equipment supplied and installed by our engineers uses the latest inverter technology meaning that they are extremely efficient ensuring that we can provide you with a cost-effective system.

Nearly all air conditioners now-a-days provide heating as well as cooling. You can find instructions for this in the user manual provided to you.

Due to advanced technology, many air conditioners can now last over 15 years if they are maintained properly. You may require a few repairs over this period, however, you may not need replace your unit during this time period.

Unfortunately, MAC do not sell fitted air conditioners without installing the unit. We would advise that you get an air conditioning system fitted by a qualified and experienced engineer as many things could go wrong if you do not know what you are doing. We offer the installation of all air conditioning units as standard.

Maintenance FAQs

Dependant upon the type of unit you have and how often it is in use, we advise that air conditioning units should be maintained once or twice per year, to keep them running at their optimum level.

There are many reasons why you should keep on top of servicing your air conditioning unit. However, one of the main reasons being that it will keep your air conditioner running at optimum level and efficiency.

Repair FAQs

MAC will repair or maintain a range of air conditioners manufactured by various suppliers – even those not installed by us.

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