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Tethered EV Chargers Vs Untethered EV Chargers

Tethered EV Chargers Vs Untethered EV Chargers: 5 Key Differences

As technology advances, so do our daily lives, and come 2035 car companies will no longer be allowed to make ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles, so more and more of us will be behind the wheels of an EV (Electric Vehicle). For many of us, this will also mean an end to queuing at petrol…
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How do ev chargers work

How do EV Chargers Work? MAC’s Complete Guide

As of November 2023, there were nearly a million electric vehicles (EVs) on the UK’s roads, and that number is growing rapidly – more than 265,000 battery EVs were registered on UK roads in 2022 alone. Correspondingly, as of November 2023, there were more than 53,000 EV charging points across the country – a 46%…
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guide to EV charger installation

Complete Buyers Guide to EV Chargers

In 2035, all the car brands you know will cease to manufacture ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) powered vehicles as the industry looks to move in a more sustainable direction. It won’t be too long after when all you see on Britain’s roads are EVs (Electric Vehicles). Many are already proud owners, and some have been…
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tethered EV charger

What is a Tethered EV Charger?

If you’re looking at installing a home EV charger, you’ll likely have noticed that there are two key types – tethered and untethered. We’re going to look at tethered chargers, and their pros and cons. In simple terms, a tethered EV charger is an EV charger with a fixed cable that cannot be removed, rather…
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untethered EV charger

What Is an Untethered EV Charger?

Untethered EV chargers are probably the favourite amongst those who already have electric vehicles. A charging point with detachable cables, and untethered EV chargers allows for the practicality of convenient charging without being constrained to a specific charger or cable length. Benefits of Using An Untethered Home EV Charger? Offering a variety of benefits to…
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Type 2 EV Chargers

What Are The Key Differences Between Type 1 and Type 2 EV Chargers?

The way we get from point A to B is changing and by 2035, the UK government has proposed the plan to stop production of all new petrol and diesel vehicles. That means electric vehicles are going to be even more prominent on the roads than ever in the next few years making it vital…
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Home Heating Systems including a heating and cooling system for homes

New Home Heating Systems: How Will New Homes Be Heated After 2025

What is The UK’s Gas Boiler Ban? So, if you haven’t already heard, the UK government are planning to ban gas boiler installations in new build properties from as early as 2025. This is to help meet net zero carbon targets, with the burning of natural gasses one of the most significant contributors to emissions…
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Heating Systems

4 Types of Heating Systems

With so many different heating systems on the market and new ways emerging on a frequent basis, the type of heating system you opt for should be a carefully thought-out decision. Should you go for a tried-and-true gas boiler or a greener heating and cooling unit? Maybe electric radiators or water-filled radiators are more your…
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Efficient Heating Systems

What Is the Most Efficient Heating System for A Home

With the increasing cost of energy bills and a growing concern for climate change, energy efficiency is at the forefront of everybody’s mind and for good reason. Efficient heating systems help you get the most out of your money whilst reducing your overall consumption. This blog will detail the most efficient heating systems for the…
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Home Heat Pump Vs Gas Boiler

Heat Pump Vs Gas Boiler

Home energy bills have been the topic of discussion for quite some time, as homeowners across the UK continue to look for ways to cut down on costs and increase efficiency all whilst remaining comfortable. That’s where the heat pump vs gas boiler debate comes in, along with their respective benefits, running costs and additional…
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Gas Boiler Ban 2025

Can I Use My Gas Boiler After 2025?

As you might have heard, a proposed ban on gas boilers is set to begin in 2025. In their bid to tackle climate change and reach net-zero emissions by 2050, the UK government is cutting down on the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted into the environment. But what exactly does this mean for you? Whether…
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Air Conditioning Systems for Homes

Air Conditioning Systems for Homes: 5 Key Benefits of Using Air Con Systems to Heat and Cool Your Home

Your home is a place of comfort, safety and security where you and your loved ones can truly relax and separate yourself from the outside world. There’s nothing better than stepping through your front door and feeling the perfect temperature – from freezing winters to scorching summers, we all want to find a way for…
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EV Chargers

EV Chargers: What Are They and How Do They Work?

The rise of electric vehicle chargers (also known as EV chargers) shows that it is now more important than ever to create sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, for transportation and energy to reduce carbon emissions and create a healthier environment. One of these solutions is electric vehicles and charging operations. In the past few years, the…
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WIFI can now control air con units from anywhere using technological advancements

WiFi Air Conditioner: Why Wifi?

In general, having a WiFi air conditioner means that your air-con unit can be connected to the internet using a WiFi connection. Air conditioning units can either come with WiFi enabled, which means that the WiFi capabilities are built into the appliance, or they can come with WiFi optional, meaning your unit has the option…
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benefits of air conditioning

The Benefits of Air Conditioning

You may not realise it, but the benefits of air conditioning are much further reaching than simply feeling the change in temperature. Although for many taking control of the temperature of your home and keeping cool in a heatwave is more than enough reason to invest in air conditioning, there is actually a broad range…
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Portable air conditioner in front of a sofa in sitting room

Relaunching Our Portable Air Conditioning Units

The team here at MAC is excited to announce the official relaunch of our portable units! The addition of portable air conditioning units for hire or purchase further establishes our place as the air con experts. What Are Portable Air Conditioning Units? Portable air conditioning units offer the convenience of being mobile and offer the…
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Keep the planet green whilst you keep cool by finding greener AC

Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning: MAC’s Guide to Greener Air Con

As the temperature is creeping ever hotter the evidence for climate change is difficult to deny. That’s why at MAC we’re all about reducing our carbon footprint and making our units as eco-friendly and energy efficient as possible. If you’re looking for a greener, more eco-friendly air conditioning system or HVAC, then look no further!…
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domestic air con no VAT

Domestic Customers Pay 0% VAT With MAC

The April 2022 HMRC Spring Statement announced that the Guidance on energy-saving materials and heating equipment would be updated, specifically when it comes to VAT. Guidance legislation now states that certain energy-saving materials can benefit from 100% tax relief, meaning domestic customers pay 0% VAT on products that fit these criteria. This news comes as…
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Just how quiet can air con be? Find out about silent mode and air con noise levels

How Loud Is Air Conditioning? – What Is Silent Mode?

As technology has moved forward, we ask more of our advanced systems, including innovative features and practical requirements. This includes making sure your technology doesn’t distract or irritate, which is where a noisy system may let you down. If you need a quiet home office to be able to focus, or if noise at night…
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Choosing the perfect AC for you - room with wall mounted unit

Choosing the Perfect Air Conditioning System for You

Air conditioning is an exciting investment for your home, so it’s natural to want to do it right! If you’re looking for the perfect air conditioning for your home, there are several factors to consider before making your final choice. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide, to help you put together your own…
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Callouts and maintenance with MAC engineers

Call Outs and Maintenance With MAC

At MAC we proudly offer our 5* repair service, including 24/7 callouts 365 days a year and expert maintenance to keep your AC in perfect operating condition. We make sure we’re there for you when you need us and have prepared a short guide so you know exactly what to expect. What Is the Difference…
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Find out if you need Planning Permission for Air Conditioning Installation

Do You Need Planning Permission for Air Conditioning Installation?

Air Conditioning Unit Planning Permission: Do You Need Planning Permission For Your Home? Planning permission is a system in the UK where you must apply to your local authority before you begin building work, to make sure that it is safe and appropriate for the area. Even when your building work is approved, it must…
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four question marks for the blog air conditioning myths

6 Air Conditioning Myths – Debunked

Myths About Air Conditioning There are a lot of air conditioning myths and misconceptions, and it’s hard to know what to believe sometimes! What many people consider to be helpful tips and tricks to save on their air-con might be costing you money! These common misconceptions can even damage your system and lead to extra…
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Cost of Air Conditioning Maintenance – What Does MAC Do On A Visit

Air Conditioning Maintenance Cost – What Does MAC Do On A Visit?

Whether you’re considering an air conditioning installation or already enjoying the benefits of air conditioning, of course you’ll want it to remain energy efficient and stay in use for many years to come. Modern air conditioning systems are fully capable of staying in full operation for up to 15-20 years and their heat pump technology…
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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps Explained

With the steady rise in energy prices and a global push toward environmentally friendly solutions, heat pumps are becoming an increasingly prominent alternative to current heating options. Heat pumps utilise renewable thermal energy from the environment around us to provide heating but also cooling depending on your needs. It absorbs ambient thermal energy from the…
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multi-split air conditioning

What Is the Difference Between a Split and a Multi-Split Air Conditioning System?

At Midland Air Con, we supply and install both split and multi-split air conditioning units, but what exactly does this mean? The difference between the two is much simpler than you might expect. Whether a split or multi-split system is right for you will vary based on the needs of your home or business. Split…
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How long does it take to install an air conditioning unit?

Air Conditioning Unit Installation: How Long Does It Take to Install an Air Conditioning Unit?

A question we frequently get asked is ‘how long does an air conditioning unit Installation take?’ Although this answer will vary based on a range of different factors. In this article, we break down the process of an air conditioning system installation to clarify why this span of time can vary. The Air Conditioning Unit…
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Diagram explaining air conditioning heating and cooling

How Does Air Conditioning Work?

Air conditioning and HVAC systems, whether wall-mounted or portable, offer many benefits including saving on your energy bill with eco-friendly efficiency and improving the air quality in your home, but how does air conditioning actually work? You may be surprised to learn that air conditioners don’t actually bring in cold air from outside. Instead, they…
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Engineer checking air conditioning refrigerant level

What Is Air Conditioner Refrigerant?

An air conditioning system operates with many different parts and components, all working to either heat or cool the air circulating within your home or business. Air conditioner refrigerant is at the very centre of this process because it is essential to the temperature change itself. Taking the form of a liquid or a gas…
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air conditioning in your home

Reasons Why You Should Install an Air Conditioning System in Your Home

A comfortable temperature in your living space is essential, as not only will it provide comfort but also can be detrimental for your health, help to improve your productivity and allow you to get a better night’s sleep. Here are MAC’s top reasons for installing air conditioning in your home. Health problems It is important…
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air conditioning needs repairing

4 Signs That Your Air Conditioning Needs Repairing

It’s a horrible feeling when you turn your air conditioning unit on for the first time in a while and you find that it is not functioning correctly and needs repairing. Often, there are signs that the unit will display if there is a slight problem within the system, which eventually will lead to bigger…
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What is an air conditioner

What Is An Air Conditioner, And How Does It Work?

An air conditioner is a machine that can either warm or cool an indoor space by moving heat energy from one area to another. It does this by circulating a chemical compound within the pipework between your indoor and corresponding outdoor air conditioning unit.  If you’d like to learn more about air conditioners and how…
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Maintenance of air conditioning units and Systems

How to keep your air conditioning units in optimum condition in the winter

As the cold, dark winter nights are upon us, many home and business owners are starting to wonder how to keep their air conditioning units in optimum condition during the winter. MAC has put together some top tips you can carry out to ensure your air conditioner remains in good condition throughout the winter. 1. Check the…
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Special Offer

Our special January deals will blow you away!

If you’ve been thinking about installing air conditioning in your home, grab one of our great January deals! Our special New Year offers include a 10% discount on air conditioning systems OR 0% interest to help you spread the payments without costing you more – but these offers must end by 31st January! So, slash…
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Online Air Conditioning Calculator

Air conditioner calculator: Buying your air conditioner just got easier with our brand-new online calculator

Buying an air conditioning system is a big decision and one that’s important to get right. There’s lots of choices out there and a bewildering amount of information, but how do you calculate what size you need for your home –  and what it’s going to cost? Well, the process just got a whole lot…
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Woman Looking at Air Conditioners

What size air conditioning unit do I need?

‘What size air conditioning unit do I need?’ It really is a question we get asked all the time, here at MAC. Working out what size and power level of air conditioning you need is actually surprisingly straightforward. As recommended by Which? in its recent review of best air conditioners, a good rule of thumb…
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Controlling Air Con from Tablet

Choosing The Best Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner For Me

How do I choose the best wall-mounted air conditioner for me? When selecting your wall-mounted air conditioner there are some features you can expect as standard that include adjustable heating/cooling settings, dehumidifier and adjustable timers. Yet there are further useful functions which you can enjoy if you choose the right air-con for you. With so…
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Home Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning and Heating: Can using air conditioning to heat my home save money?

With the price of wholesale gas spiraling up by as much as 250% and UK gas suppliers going out of business, could air conditioning and heating units be the perfect solution? Read our detailed guide below to learn more about how air conditioning units can be effective and efficient alternative heating solutions. Air Conditioning and…
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Woman Researching Best portable air conditioner and fixed air conditioning unit

Which air conditioner – portable air conditioners or permanently fixed air conditioning units?

Following the heatwave of 2022, which saw temperatures exceed 40°C, leading meteorologists have warned that wetter, hotter and sunnier weather, with temperatures of 40°C, will become the norm for British summers, requiring the need for homes and businesses to invest in either portable air conditioners or a more permanent solution – fixed air conditioning units.…
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Energy Efficiency

How energy efficient is air conditioning?

Here at MAC, we’re often asked whether installing air conditioning will push up energy bills, and how energy efficient is air conditioning. In this article, we aim to answer these queries. The short answer is that air conditioning systems run on electricity, so naturally there is a cost – just as there is for your…
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Which? Logo

We’re a Which? Trusted Trader – which means you can buy with confidence!

What are the things you ask yourself when you look for goods and services online? Can they provide what I need? Is the price right? What about reliability? The bottom line is that you’re looking for a company who you can trust to deliver exactly what they say they will, at the price and in…
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School Ventilation Systems

School ventilation systems

Recently, there has been many news articles and radio stations discussing whether schools in the UK should follow the same pattern as Germany and have ventilation systems installed in them as an added precaution towards COVID-19. Why is this in question? Firstly, closing schools due to COVID-19 infection rates has a massive impact on not…
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Ceiling Mount Air Conditioning Unit

Why being FCA accredited is important

We recognise that investing in an air conditioning system can seem a bit daunting, that’s why we offer our customers the opportunity to spread the cost of their purchase – and, because MAC is FCA accredited, our customers can have complete confidence in choosing our finance services. FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) compliance has been described…
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Woman Using Hand Fan

Cool summer offer from MAC

With temperatures over the Bank Holiday weekend reaching a sizzling 24 degrees, it’s time to start thinking about how you can keep cool over the summer days and nights ahead. We’re offering a fabulous Blink XT2 1-Camera System or an Alexa Echo Show 5 with all orders on air conditioning systems placed before July 31st.…
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Woman Programming Air Con Temperature - air conditioning specialist

Thinking of installing air conditioning? How to choose an air conditioning specialist

With spring just around the corner, you may be thinking about installing air conditioning in your home or at your business premises. It’s a great idea. The benefits are well known. Apart from the obvious – air conditioning keeps your home or office at just the right temperature – it’s also good for your health…
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improved air flow

Improved Air Flow Can Reduce Downtime at Work

In some working environments, social distancing simply isn’t possible. Dentists, for example, have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only must they work in close proximity to their patients, but regulations demand a lengthy period of ‘downtime’ between treatments, particularly after any Aerosol-Generating Procedures (AGPs). This is because fillings, root canal treatment or…
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Instructions on How to Install Own Air Conditioning Unit

DIY Air Conditioning Installation: Can I Install Air Conditioning Myself?

‘Can I install air conditioning myself?’ Thankfully, this is a question we don’t hear too often, but the short answer is no. While the temptation to go online and purchase an air conditioning system at maybe less than half the price of having a system professionally installed is understandable, it rarely ends well. In fact,…
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Installing COVID-19 safe air conditioning systems

Current evidence suggests that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spread via droplets and direct contact with contaminated surfaces and objects. However, we understand that many people have concerns with how air conditioning could play a part in viral transmission.  The design and maintenance of any air con system is key not only to its performance but the…
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MAC Engineers

MAC gets a refresh!

MAC have been around for a few years now and we figured it was time for a bit of cosmetic work on ourselves! We pride ourselves on making your air con systems look good. Now we can match that! Notice our bright, new logo. Our engineers have new uniforms and van branding to reflect this.…
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Heating solutions

Hot and Cold!

Did you know we also provide Heating solutions? As well as being the number one choice for Birmingham air conditioning repairs, electrical services and commercial refrigeration services, MAC (MAC) are experts when it comes to planned preventative and reactive maintenance on several different heating and hot water applications. Working on a commercial, industrial and residential…
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Mano Meter

What is HVAC?

MAC supplies a range of air handling units, which are devices used to regulate and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating and air conditioning system – commonly referred to as HVAC. HVAC systems supply heated and/or cooled fresh air via ductwork to many different types of application, with the conditioned air distributed through…
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FC Premier Under 13's Colts Group

Proud Sponsors of FC Premier!

At MAC we are looking to give something back to our community. So we thought what better way to do this than to sponsor a local football team. Therefore we have decided to be a shirt sponsor for FC Premier Under 13’s Colts. FC Premier were established back in 1998 and are a club made…
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