Cool summer offer from MAC

Woman Using Hand Fan

With temperatures over the Bank Holiday weekend reaching a sizzling 24 degrees, it’s time to start thinking about how you can keep cool over the summer days and nights ahead.

We’re offering a fabulous Blink XT2 1-Camera System or an Alexa Echo Show 5 with all orders on air conditioning systems placed before July 31st.

No more struggling to sleep when it’s too hot, no more noisy electric fans – just a perfect, constant and comfortable temperature, controlled by you.

With our superb air conditioning systems, there’s no need to leave windows open, so your home will be more secure too – and if you suffer from hayfever, you’ll notice a distinct improvement as air conditioning means fewer bugs and lowers risk of allergy.

We fit air conditioning systems into all types of property. Whatever type of home you live in and whether you want air conditioning for a single room or your whole property, our friendly team of specialists can recommend the right solution for you…and we offer a 7 year guarantee on all installations!

It needn’t be expensive either. Although MAC always fits only the best quality systems, we can offer competitively priced finance deals to help you spread the cost of your purchase.

So, why not treat yourself to an affordable luxury – contact us now for your free quote and stay cool this summer!

Don’t forget, if you place your order before the end of July, you can claim your free gift of a Blink XT2 1-Camera System or an Alexa Echo Show 5.

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