Distribution board upgrades

Many of the older buildings, were not designed with the quality power in mind for today’s electronic equipment. Due to this, you may need to upgrade your distribution board to ensure your properties electrical system is compliant, safe and reliable.

What is a distribution board?

A distribution board is also known as a consumer unit, electric panel, fuse board and a breaker panel and is part of an electrical system. It houses to an array of switches, fuses, and circuit breakers.

Signs your fuse board needs replacing

If any of the following signs are apparent on your system, it may mean that your fuse board needs replacing:

  • If any fuses are continually blowing.
  • If there is a constant flicker or dimming in the lights.
  • Electrical points that are warm or sparking.
  • A smell which smells like burning from either appliances or within a room.

Benefits to updating your consumer unit

There are many benefits to updating your consumer unit, some of which include:

  • Having a new fuse board installed will ensure that your electrical system is fully compliant and adheres to all electrical regulations.
  • It will improve the safety within your property.
  • Not only will a new electrical panel help the environment, but it will also help you save more on your energy bills.
  • Reduces the risk of fire.

Call MAC and upgrade your electrical distribution board!

MAC are electrical engineers offering a wide range of electrical services to both domestic and commercial properties throughout the UK. We can carry out distribution board upgrades.

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