Ducted Units

Ducted air conditioning systems are the first choice when aesthetics are the main priority. They are designed to completely hide both the internal fan coil unit and the ductwork in a false / suspended ceiling or on the ground.  All that is visible from within the room are discreet grilles.

The ducted air conditioning system is a versatile and well used residential/commercial air conditioning system.

Here at MAC, we offer ducted units from leading brands Mitsubishi and Toshiba that guarantee reliability and durability and all feature:

✔ 7-day programmable timer

✔ Two on/off settings each day

✔ External timer/8MS switching for group (up to 16 units)

✔ Wall controller - hard wired

✔ Integral temperature sensor

✔ Low ambient control included

✔ Auto re-start after power interruption

✔ High CoP

✔ Advanced technology control

✔ Slim construction

✔ Pipe runs up to 20 metres

✔ Low noise – 29dBA on smaller models

✔ Fault diagnosis

✔ Pre-charged with refrigerant for up to 7 metres pipe length

✔ Pipe runs up to 20 metres

✔ Easy cleaned & serviced

✔ Full ECA tax allowance