Finance FAQs

Customer Eligibility

Minimum age of 18

UK Resident of more than 12 months

Own personal bank account from which a direct debit can be taken

Permanent employment, working minimum 16hrs per week

Self employed


On disability allowance

Registered carer

Unemployed & ‘house person’ (with consent of co-habiting working partner)

Non Eligible

Unemployed without a spouse/partner in full time employment

Temporary positions/agency workers

Temporary positions/agency workers

Foster carers without a spouse in full time employment

Full time students (other than trainee nurses/doctors)

Supply teacher without permanent contract to specific school

Purchase of goods/services for business use

Customer FAQ’s

When do my repayments start?
• Payments will begin one month after the goods have been delivered.

Can I change my payment date?
• Customers are able to change their payment date once they have received their welcome documents.

Can I make additional payments?
• Yes, customers can make additional payments at any time free of charge.

Can I change my Direct Debit details?
• Yes, please refer your customer to our Customer Service team to discuss this in further detail.

How do I view my balance?
• The quickest and easiest way for customers to view their balance is by managing their account
online. Customers can create an account or access a pre-existing account at