Fixed Wire Testing

MAC's electrical engineers can carry out fixed wire testing of systems that conduct electricity around a building to ensure the premises remain safe for staff, customers and visitors to the site.

MAC offers a fixed wire testing service across the UK, providing a trusted and reliable service to ensure customers’ electrical systems are safe and compliant.

What’s included in fixed wire testing?

  • Visual examinations of the systems, including fixed plant and machinery, lighting and sockets
  • Identification of all circuits
  • Putting in place safety measures, such as disconnecting any equipment to ensure testing can take place safely

Issue of an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report)

Your report

Once our electrical engineers have carried out the fixed wire testing, you will be issued an EICR.

If there are no risks identified during testing, you will receive a satisfactory EICR and no additional work will have to be carried out.

However, where risks are identified, your report will be split into 3 sections, as follows:

Code 1: your system is dangerous and could lead to injury. This means that you must get the work required carried out immediately.

Code 2: the system is potentially dangerous and therefore, work needs to be carried out as soon as possible in order to fix the fault.

Code 3: our findings show that there is an improvement to be made to the system.

Along with the codes, our reports will provide a breakdown of any faults in your system.

Fixed wire testing: How often should fixed electrical wiring be tested?

Fixed wire testing frequency depends on the premises in question.

Below are a few examples:

  • Construction sites – every 3 months
  • Laundrettes – 1 year
  • Commercial premises – 5 years
  • Hotels – 5 years
  • Pubs – years
  • Shops – 5 years
  • Offices – 5 years
  • Educational establishments – 5 years
  • Residential properties – 5 years

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