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Heating your home using air conditioning has become an increasingly cost-effective way to reduce your utility bills and save money whilst keeping you and your family comfortable throughout the year. MAC provides combined solutions that are installed by our own experienced and qualified engineers to supply both reliable and great value heating.

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Home Heating Installation

Domestic installations

All installations of our domestic air conditioning systems are both efficient and bespoke to your needs with our expert team of qualified engineers ensuring the highest standards of both quality and functionality. We ensure all our home heating solutions offer you the very best in heat pump technology, using efficiency up to four times greater than a gas boiler to reduce your energy usage and in turn reduce the cost of your utility bills with a far more ecological heating solution.

We have over 15 years of experience with domestic heat pump technology and the installation of heating and cooling units that combine heating and cooling functionality, providing you with complete temperature control in your home throughout the year.

You can rely on MAC to provide you with full support on any questions you may have concerning home air conditioning and heating systems and can get in touch with our friendly team of experts by calling 0121 730 4800 to discuss any queries you have.

Our Integrated Home Heating and Cooling Systems

MAC’s all-in-one heating and cooling systems are the perfect solution for high-quality temperature control at competitive prices, maintenance options and and exceptional warranty coverage.


Our showroom allows you to browse our extensive range of home heating systems, giving you the time to make the right choice. Book a tour of our showroom below.





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Maintenance options for home heating and cooling units

At MAC we can provide you with a range of services including a complete yearly maintenance plan, ensuring your heat pump technology continues to save you money and your heating and cooling units last up to 15-20 years. Yearly maintenance ensures your cooling and heating units will reliably continue to provide both warmth and cooling with the peace of mind any issues you encounter will be handled in an efficient and timely manner. With a range of payment options available to suit you, monthly payments via direct debit are available interest-free with a bonus discount, or you can make a single upfront payment if you prefer. To maximise your investment, yearly maintenance is always highly recommended so your equipment continues to reliably provide you with heating and cooling when you need it.

For more information on our maintenance plans, get in touch with a member of our friendly, expert team today by calling 0121 730 4800 or by emailing sales@midlandaircon.co.uk.


Callouts and Repairs for Air Conditioner Heating

Sometimes things can go wrong and our team are always there to help you with a complete domestic repair service backed with the extensive experience of our engineers. Our support line is always open for emergency callouts and we will send a qualified engineer to rectify whatever problem you may be facing with the aim to resolve the very same day.

If specialist parts are required, we will follow up with the manufacturer to supply you with a quotation on the replacement parts as soon as possible. With your approval we will obtain the specific parts you require and our engineer will complete any remaining repairs so you are back up and running with minimum downtime.

Portable heating and cooling units

Looking for a short-term home heating and cooling solution?

Portable heating and cooling units can be moved into any location within your home that has access to a window. They're compact and convenient, offering a quick and easy solution during a heatwave or if an installed system isn't right for you. They even provide air purification and dehumidification just like installed air conditioning systems!


The 51QPD portable air conditioners are suitable for cooling and heating rooms in the home and small offices.

This portable unit is highly compact and moving it around couldn’t be easier with convenient handles and wheels.


Provides both heating and cooling


Wireless remote control


Washable filter


Flexible exhaust hose - 1.5m


Suitable for areas up to 23m²


Natural Refrigerant R290


Ultra-low GWP

£500 Including VAT*

51QPD12N7S portable air con

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Home Heating Air Conditioning Units FAQs

The costs of running a heat pump will depend on the house type as well-insulated houses have lower running costs. Heat pumps run off electricity, which is currently at 34.0p/kWh, fortunately, heat pumps produce more heat with every kWh and have better efficiency rates of 300-400%. This means heat pumps are less expensive to run than traditional gas or electric boilers.

Yes, using a reverse-cycle air conditioner to heat your home can be more efficient and can save you money compared to other conventional heating methods. Combined heating and air conditioning units tend to have better efficiency ratings, meaning they will use less electricity to run, keeping your energy bills lower.

The best heating and air conditioning units to purchase will depend on the individual, their home and their needs for temperature control. MAC can recommend the perfect system for you and we have a wide range of systems we can install.

Heating and air conditioning systems are used to regulate the internal temperature of homes, flats, commercial spaces including offices and industrial complexes, ensuring optimal temperature and comfort for those situated in them.

In short, home heat pumps work by transferring heat from the outside of the home to the inside through a compressor which increases pressure and temperature, causing it to change from a cold gas to a hot liquid.

The costs of heat pumps will vary depending on the model you choose as well as the size of your home. At MAC, we offer competitively priced domestic heat pumps with the option to pay in monthly instalments as well as a one-off annual payment. For a quote on our heat pumps, get in touch with us today.

With the proper care and yearly maintenance, heat pumps can last for up to 15-20 years and often even longer! We aim to provide solutions to extend the life span of our heat pumps for as long as possible. Enquire with us about our maintenance plan to learn more about the longevity of heat pumps.

Air source heat pumps extract residual heat from the cold outside air and transfer it throughout the home during the winter, offering a comfortable, warm interior environment.

Thanks to modern technology and the evolving systems being manufactured today, air source heat pumps are extremely quiet, enabling a comfortable and warm environment, all enjoyed without the worry of loud noises. This type of heat pump as well as other common domestic heat pumps is no noisier than an average air conditioner.

Air source heat pumps are extremely efficient. They can save you both energy and money, as the average efficiency levels of an air source heat pump are between two and four COP (Coefficient of Performance) and can even be as high as five. This makes them incredibly efficient!

In areas of the UK with low electricity rates, heat pumps can be much cheaper to run than gas heating. It is important to know your area’s electricity rating to make a fair comparison.

Heat pumps are installed by our team of engineers at MAC, who are all fully qualified and trained to install all heat pumps we supply. Heat pump installation is included as standard with any purchase you make, and we believe it is crucial to have your heat pump installed by a professional, as incorrect installation can have serious consequences on health and safety.

Our engineers are F-Gas certified, City and Guilds trained, and all hold full CSCS cards, so you can trust we will get the job done properly.