How Air Conditioning Works

Diagram explaining air conditioning heating and cooling

Air conditioning offers many benefits including saving on your energy bill with eco friendly efficiency and improving the air quality in your home, but how exactly does it work?

You may be surprised to learn that air conditioners don’t actually bring in cold air from outside. Instead, they simply circulate the air in your home, adjusting it to the temperature you require.

Here’s how it works:

•          First, the indoor unit absorbs air from the room into the air conditioning system.

•          The air is then drawn over the refrigerant -filled evaporator pipes within the system, which is filled with hot or cold refrigerant depending on the mode that has been selected by the user.

•          As the air blows over the pipes, it either absorbs warmth or is cooled by the pipes, with the excess heat or cold being emitted outside by the outdoor unit via heat transfer within the refrigerant.

•          The now cooled or warmed air continues moving through the system and is blended back with the existing air in the building as it flows back into the room, adjusting and maintaining the temperature/humidity to the level you require.

This means the air is always being close-circulated as well as filtered, so less bacteria and contaminants can enter your home, making it cleaner and safer from outside pollutants.

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