Wall Mounted Units

Wall-mounted air conditioners are the most popular air conditioning (AC) option in the UK. They are the most affordable solution and offer flexibility in aesthetics and positioning. They are better suited to smaller areas in both commercial and residential settings. However, if you prefer to have wall mounted air conditioners in larger areas, this is possible, but you will require multiple units to ensure optimum effectiveness whilst eliminating ‘hotspots’, areas that are left out.

At MAC, we believe in providing great quality for an excellent value to help you improve the productivity and enjoyment of the home or workspace. We offer units from some of the leading brands such Mitsubishi, Toshiba and Daikin which offer some of the finest features:

✔ Wi-Fi ready

✔ Energy efficiency & display

✔ Auto cleaning

✔ Smart diagnosis & sensors for occupancy, position and body temperature

✔ Filtering – even for the most microscopic particles

✔ Preventing dust & grease accumulation

As with most fitted AC systems, it comes in two parts. There is a fan condenser unit on the outside of the building. This must be positioned with a minimum of 1-metre clearance to the front and 500mm at the sides in order to aid airflow and maximise efficiency. The indoor unit takes the heat from the room and transfers it to the outside unit. It can be mounted on almost any wall and is positioned at a high level.

In cooling mode, the system will take the moisture out of the air, so will act as a dehumidifier. This will not happen in heating mode as the system is effectively working in reverse.