What Is an Untethered EV Charger?

untethered EV charger

Untethered EV chargers are probably the favourite amongst those who already have electric vehicles. A charging point with detachable cables, and untethered EV chargers allows for the practicality of convenient charging without being constrained to a specific charger or cable length.

Benefits of Using An Untethered Home EV Charger?

Offering a variety of benefits to homeowners such as flexible charging options, easily replaceable cables, tidier storage benefits and more.

1. Greater Flexibility

One of the many benefits of untethered EV chargers is the ability of flexible charging options. Unlike tethered chargers, untethered EV charging allows for disconnection from the charging point, meaning the charging point does not restrict you. As most EV charging cables are universal, the untethered charging point means you can use that cable for public charging, a super convenient benefit for those needing to charge on the go for long-distance travel.

In addition to the flexibility of charging options, untethered EV chargers are easily stored away, making it a popular choice for homeowners who don’t want charging cables hanging out of their property.

2. Easily Replaceable Charing Cable’s

As the charging cable for untethered EV chargers comes separately, it allows for easier replacement of cables and not the entire charging point, unlike tethered EV chargers. Although buying the charging point and the untethered EV charging cable separately can be costly to start with, using an EV charger that is untethered is more convenient and allows for future-proofing.

Another benefit of being able to replace just the untethered EV charging cable is that you are not restricted to specific cable lengths. As most cables can come from a length of 2m (metres) to 10m (metres), you can purchase a cable that is perfect for your specific charging needs.

3. A Cheaper EV Charger Alternative

Most electric vehicles in the UK tend to come with a charging cable within their cost, if so, purchasing an untethered EV charger can be significantly cheaper than buying a tethered EV charger. However, if the car you have bought does not come with a charging cable, you may need to buy one separately. If this is the situation, you may find that an untethered EV charging cable and charging point may cost the same as installing a tethered EV charger.

On the other hand, in choosing an untethered EV charger, you are future-proofing your charging point if for any reason your cable were to break, you will only need to replace the cable and not the entire point.

Untethered EV Charger Cons?

1. Storage And Replacement

Although there are many benefits of installing an untethered EV charger in your home and a lot of buyers will enjoy the fact you can keep the cable separately, there is also the need to think about how to protect it. Not only will you need to safely store the cable to avoid damage, but you will also have to remove the cable from your choice of cupboard to charge and once you finish charging, you will need to put it back into storage.

There is always the concern that as you can move around freely with this cable, there is the possibility of losing or misplacing the cable. This can also lead to costly regular cable replacements, especially if you are prone to lose items easily.

2. Typically, The Cable Will Need To Be Bought Separately

Depending on the brand of electric vehicle you purchase, will depend on whether you are provided with a charger for your charging point. Typically, most cars come with chargers, however, most manufacturers will only provide you with a 2m (metre) length cable. If you do want an untethered EV charger, you are most likely going to have to purchase your charging cable separately, so it’ll suit your charging needs.

This can lead to the overall cost of purchasing an untethered EV charging point and cable being more expensive than just a tethered EV charging point.

Would Untethered EV Chargers Work for You? Discover the key differences between Tethered and Untethered Chargers By Checking Out Our Guide

As we move closer to a more energy-efficient future and the prospect of all cars on UK roads being electric by 2035, you’re probably considering making the move to an electric vehicle ahead of that date.

If you are ready to find out more about untethered EV chargers then you can get a free quote or take our EV charger quiz to find out more. Contact us here at Midland Air Con via 0121 730 4800 to find out more.

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