Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair Service

If your air conditioning system is not providing you with the heating and cooling you need throughout the year either due to limited performance or simply isn’t functioning correctly even with regular maintenance or servicing, your AC will almost certainly require a repair. 

When it comes to professional air conditioning repairs, look no further than MAC to provide all the callout support and advice you need for general repairs or to resolve emergency breakdown and get your aircon up and running again as soon as possible. For domestic or commercial premises including schools, households, offices and more, MAC’s expert team can offer repair services for all types of air conditioning. MAC’s AC engineers will always aim to repair your air con system same day, although sometimes specialist parts are needed depending on your AC system. That’s when the rest of the team step in to provide a quotation on the parts required, sourced directly from the manufacturer. Provided you’re happy to proceed, we will have the necessary components ordered and our engineer will return to complete your repair as soon as possible.

What to expect from a Professional Air Conditioning Repair

If you have a malfunctioning AC system that requires repair, having it up and running again as soon as possible always takes precedence although it is also useful to also understand the basics of the repairing process so you know what to expect when an air conditioning engineer arrives to assist you.  

MAC’s experienced service engineers are on call with a wealth of experience in handling both simple and extensive service visits for more urgent and serious repair work, so you can expect one of their professional service visits to typically follow the steps below:  

 Inspection and Diagnosis of Air Conditioning System

An MAC engineer will carry out a thorough inspection to isolate the issue, this can range from identifying electrical issues to faulty internal components that require specialist part replacement. 

Air Conditioning System Testing

Following repairs, the engineer will test your AC system to ensure the unit is working correctly and confirm all issues have been resolved with further checks to rule out any additional problems. 

Immediate Onsite Repair or Quotation of Specialist Air Con Parts

Depending on the engineer’s diagnosis, faulty components will be directly repaired or replaced where possible, such as repairing wiring connections or replacing a pump. Although sometimes specialist parts are required, which will require a quotation to be provided for approval before parts are ordered from the AC manufacturer and the engineer can return to complete your repair. 

Maintenance Advice for your Air Con

The engineer will provide tips and suggestions for maintaining your AC system to prevent future issues. This is especially crucial as air conditioning needs regular maintenance checks as they can highlight potential issues before they become significant problems. Regular checks also ensure the system is running at optimal performance, which will not only enhance air quality, but keep your running costs low too.

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The difference between air conditioning maintenance, repairs and servicing?

Whilst yearly AC maintenance is highly recommended as it will significantly reduce the likelihood of your air conditioning having performance issues or experiencing faults in the long term, it is not quite the same as servicing or repairing. 

Maintenance is a pre-scheduled preventative measure to avoid the need for repairs as your air con system will still be functioning correctly. 

Repair visits are when your AC is either not functioning properly or has stopped working completely and you need an engineer to attend to fix the issue. 

Servicing (or a callout) is an engineer visit you have requested but was not scheduled in advance and may involve both maintenance and repair depending on the reason for the request. 

It’s worth taking note that during planned preventative maintenance, the engineer on site may identify a fault which will require more extensive work or additional parts to resolve. In this situation a member of our expert team will be in touch to provide a quotation for the cost of the part(s) including a return visit from our engineer.

If you decide to proceed, the return visit would become a repair. Similarly, if the spare is no longer available due to the age of the air conditioning unit, you may be quoted for a replacement AC installation instead.

The Risks of not getting your Air Conditioning Repaired 

If your AC isn’t functioning correctly or isn’t working at all, leaving it out of use or reducing how much you use it can still present a hazard until you seek a professional repairing. These risks can include;

Potential fire hazard

Much like any other appliance an airconditioner will steadily accumulate dust, especially when it is left unused due to an existing fault. With a combination of disuse and a lack of maintenance, this dust can clog air filters and results in the internal running temperature of the AC unit running higher than usual due to poor airflow and additional friction on the working components. This can not only cause overheating, it also will significantly increase the risk of a short circuit as the unit increases its demand for power due to the higher workload, resulting in old or loose wiring being exposed to the higher temperatures and significantly increasing the risk of a short circuit.

Water damage

Whilst it is perfectly normal for air conditioning to produce moisture during its cooling/heating process, these water droplets are directed outside as part of its drainage system, so you would not normally see any water produced by your AC indoors. An occasional drip of water from an indoor air conditioning unit can indicate there may be an obstruction in its drainage system, which is easily diagnosed and resolved with regular maintenance before becoming a problem, although when left unattended it can become a more significant issue. 

An AC system that is rarely used either due to a known fault or intermittent functionality has a greater likelihood of experiencing a drainage issue where the gathered condensation is blocked by dirt and debris and cannot be expelled outside. This will force the water to exit through the indoor air conditioner’s air vents, which can result in a significant amount of water pooling indoors on or around the air con unit whenever it is in use. 

Risks to Health

Dust and dirt build up due to a lack of maintenance and/or minimal use of your air con system can also result in the perfect environment for both bacterial and mould growth. Condensation build up in an unmaintained drainage system can leave standing water to accumulate as it is not effectively being drained outside as normal. This will result in mould growth which not only smells unpleasant but this tainted water can also leak indoors from the AC as mentioned above. It can be a similar situation with the internal filters of the AC system as well, since dust and allergens are left to accumulate and they will be expelled when the air conditioning is put back into operation, spreading both allergens and microbes throughout the indoor space, which can result in allergic reactions and respiratory illness. 

Warning signs your Air Conditioning needs Repair rather than Maintenance

When your air conditioning system is not functioning as normal, being able to determine whether it likely needs maintenance or a repair can be helpful not only when requesting a callout, but also what to expect when it comes to the cost since maintenance is significantly cheaper than most repairs. Its much more likely you’ll need a repair on your air conditioning system and you should switch it off immediately if you’ve noticed large amounts of water coming indoors from your air conditioner.

Whilst an occasional drip of water from your air conditioner usually means it is due for maintenance, if you’re seeing significant amounts of water coming from the grills of your air conditioner you have a potentially major issue on your hands that needs repairing. Similarly, if your AC system has started to make strange noises or is much louder than usual when in use, that can also indicate an internal problem that will require the attendance of an engineer to resolve.

The operating behaviour of your air conditioning can also be an indicator of its overall health, so if you’re finding it cannot seem to reach the required temperature over an extended period or appears to be powering on and off without any difference in temperature, this can indicate a more serious internal problem that will not resolve on its own or with a maintenance visit. 

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What if your air conditioner needs to be replaced and you need a new installation?

Whilst air conditioning that is regularly maintained can last upwards of 15 years, if your air conditioning has already been in use for this length of time or it lacks some of the features offered by the latest AC models produced by the likes of Mitsubishi or Daikin, it may be worth considering a replacement system entirely.
MAC provide air conditioning installations for buildings of all shapes and sizes, whether it may be an air conditioning unit for your home or one of the many commercial properties across the midlands, all air conditioning requirements are considered. Specialising in the install of air conditioning units with a variety of air conditioning solutions adapted to suit your needs, our team are passionate about providing the very best options designed to run as efficiently as possible bespoke to your specific requirements. 

It's worth considering Air Conditioning Maintenance in the long run too

To prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning system, arranging a regular preventative maintenance will not only maximise the lifespan of your air conditioning, it will keep your energy costs down throughout the year too! As air conditioning efficiency can decrease by 5% a year or even more for older systems, it is important your system is maintained by experienced air conditioning engineers so you can make the most of your investment. 

MAC provide flexible payment options on maintenance packages for residential air conditioning, giving you the option to make a single payment for your annual service or in smaller monthly instalments. Alternatively, for air conditioning maintenance at multiple commercial or industrial premises, MAC can also provide options on ongoing maintenance contracts based on your needs, from ducted AC systems to chillers, our mobile engineers have you covered.

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Air Conditioning Repair

Whether you have home air conditioning or commercial air conditioning for your business that isn’t working at its best or not working at all,  MAC are leading air con specialists with years of experience working with both residential and commercial properties throughout the Midlands and have air conditioning engineers on call throughout the Midlands that are highly experienced with repair and support services . With an unbeatable track record for the highest standard in customer service and transparent pricing for all repair services, our team at MAC take pride in being honest and upfront with all quotations and advice we provide from repairs and maintenance to installing air conditioning systems. 

To discuss your requirements or simply ask a question, you can get in touch with MAC’s knowledgeable team on 0121 730 4800 or you can even call our team via WhatsApp on 07561 570 029. Alternatively you can also send us a message to for more information on the range of air conditioning services we provide.