Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation

Did you know air conditioning systems not only provide cooling but cost effective heating all year round? Whether you need an air conditioner installation for your home or business, you can rely on MAC’s team of fully F-Gas qualified engineers and specialist advisors to help you select which product or service will best suit your needs. Our services extend throughout a full range of different properties including air conditioning in the home or in the office, but also include commercial buildings and even industrial sites providing a bespoke service to ensure we don’t just meet your expectations, our mission is to exceed them. 
For all aircon installations or simply maintenance or repair, MAC’s knowledgable office-based specialists and highly experienced mobile team of engineers are there to help you find the best ac solution to match your specific requirements.

Domestic Air Conditioning

Stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter with our cost-effective air conditioning systems.

Commercial Air Conditioning

For bespoke air conditioning installation services for your commercial enterprise, our range can provide comfort for employees and customers all year round.

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The benefits of an Air Conditioning Installation in the Midlands 

With the the number of heatwaves in the UK steadily increasing and winters as cold as ever, having full climate control in your home or workspace makes all the difference not just for your quality of life, but the cost of utilities too. 

The air source heat pump technology used in air conditioning is at least 400% efficient in comparison to top of the range gas boilers with efficiencies that peak at around 94%. By switching to air conditioning for your heating needs you can save up to 40% on your utility bills, but there’s more!

Enhanced air quality including humidity control

The air filtration provided by air conditioning systems actively reduces the number of airborne particles within an indoor environment, which is great news for hay fever suffers and asthmatics as this actively reduces the number of allergens such as dust or pollen. Better still, air conditioning helps to reduce high humidity levels, deterring mould growth and reducing airborne bacteria levels that would otherwise cause allergic reactions or asthma attacks. 

Increased security with the added benefit of reduced noise pollution

During the height of summer, most UK buildings will opt to open windows and doors in an effort to combat the heat, which always presents a security hazard, especially for households at night.

As air conditioning operates at its best with windows and doors closed, you can maintain indoor temperature levels with a reduced risk to security and better still, remove the need for noisy fans which only circulate the same warm air and provide little to no cooling effects when faced with high temperatures. 

Improved quality of sleep at home with added health benefits

With the optimum sleeping temperature at around 18 degrees celsius, trying to sleep in a room significantly above or below this temperature can be very difficult, especially in the summer heat or chill of winter. When in operation, air conditioning actively maintains room temperature whilst operating in whisper quiet noise levels as low as 19 decibels, providing either cool air or continuous warmth throughout the night. Not only will this aid in ensuring you get a good nights sleep all year round, its continuous filtration will ensure any lingering bacteria or viruses are filtered from the air, reducing microbial spread and the likelihood of waking with a cold or virus. 

Air Conditioning Installations - What type of air conditioning system can you expect?

It’s important to consider your options when it comes to selecting your air conditioning and whilst at MAC we carefully select all the systems we provide to ensure optimal efficiency and cost effectiveness, you can also decide which feature matters most to you. MAC offer a a range of different types of air conditioning units for domestic households all offering not only the best value but the best variety of features, including single split wall mounted systems as well as floor mounted; our key range for domestic households include;

Domestic Air Conditioning system installations -  Wall mounted and floor mounted systems 

Choosing between Mitsubishi, Daikin and Toshiba

Established in 1954 and operating in the UK since the late nineties, Mitsubishi Electric offer the most diverse and distinctive range of air source heat pump air conditioning systems in the domestic sector. Starting with the HR (Classic), a compact AC system with simple functionality and a crisp design, this is a great entry level option with no frills high performance. Alternatively, if you’re after wifi control via your phone, tablet or pc you can upgrade to the AP / AY (Elegance) as this model features similar looks and features of the HR, but with added wifi functionality as standard. But should you be looking for alternative colours besides the standard white, you can always opt for the EF (Zen), available in both standard black, white or even silver, it also comes with advanced V-blocking filter technology complete with wifi control as well.
Air Conditioning Installation
You can even take things to the next level and go for the LN, available in a range of premium finishes from pearl white to ruby red, this model upgrades its filtration system even further with Plasma Quad Plus, includes a smart i-see room occupation sensor and of course wifi control is also included as standard. 
With over 90 years experience in developing AC systems since way back in 1961, Daikin are world leaders in both design and distribution of high quality air con systems worldwide.
From their extensive range, MAC have selected the Stylish, a slim and modern unit that also features a selection of premium exteriors including a unique wood grain finish complete with flash streamer technology  and unique grid eye sensor.

Not to forget Toshiba, with their range of air conditioning available in the UK since the 1960s, their unique innovations on electronics have seen them at the forefront of many of the new ac developments we see today. With all this in mind, MAC have their Seiya model actively available for installations as a direct alternative to the Mitsubishi HR, pairing simplicity with high efficiency with easy function control.

Climate Control Solutions for Your Business, wall mounts, ducted and more 

The Best Solutions from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Dating back as far as 1956, MHI established itself as a reputable world leader in developing a cost-effective range of HVAC solutions including aircon systems. When it comes to split air conditioning options from MHI, MAC can supply and install the SRK, a smart wall mounted unit with convenient auto restart functionality and auto flap mode to aid in consistent airflow.

If wall space is limited or ceiling-mounted units are your preference, the FTD ceiling cassette may be a better option as its compact design and individual louvre control offer greater airflow control and its compact design is perfect for shallow ceiling voids. If a ceiling suspended unit is more to your liking, the FDE is a versatile option with multiple pipework positioning options, narrow visible height and extendable pipe runs for larger buildings that can reach up to 100 meters! 

It's worth considering Air Conditioning Servicing and the Maintenance Too 

To prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning system, arranging a regular preventative maintenance will not only maximise the lifespan of your air conditioning, it will keep your energy costs down throughout the year too! As air conditioning efficiency can decrease by 5% a year or even more for older systems, it is important your system is maintained by experienced air conditioning engineers so you can make the most of your investment. 
We also provide flexible payment options on maintenance packages for residential air conditioning, giving you the option to make a single payment for your annual service or in smaller monthly instalments. Alternatively, for air conditioning maintenance at multiple commercial or industrial premises, MAC can also provide options on ongoing maintenance contracts based on your needs, from ducted AC systems to chillers, our mobile engineers have you covered.

You may not need a new Air Conditioning System if your existing units can be repaired

For professional air conditioning repairs, look no further than MAC to provide all the callout support and advice you need to resolve an emergency breakdown or longer term malfunctions so you can get your AC up and running again as soon as possible. For domestic or commercial premises including schools, households, offices and more, MAC’s expert team offer repair services for all types of air conditioning repair.
You won’t be kept waiting either as if for whatever reason our engineer cannot repair your AC same day MAC will provide a quotation on the parts required, sourced directly from the manufacturer. If you’re happy to proceed with repair, we will have the necessary components ordered and our engineer will return to complete your repair as soon as possible. 

What Our Customers Say

Expert Midlands Air Conditioning Installation: Call MAC, Your Local AC Specialists!

If you’re looking to install air conditioning at your home or business that in the summer months can keep you cool and heat throughout the winter too, MAC are air conditioning specialists with years of experience working with both residential and commercial properties throughout the Midlands and can offer a range of bespoke solutions tailored to your needs. With an unbeatable track record for the highest standard in customer service and transparent fixed price for all installations that include all equipment and labour, our team at MAC take pride in being honest and upfront with all quotations and advice we provide. 
To discuss your requirements or simply ask a question, MAC’s knowledgeable team just a phone call away on 0121 730 4800, although if you’re short on time, that’s okay too! For instant online pricing on an air conditioning installation you can use our free, commercial and domestic pricing calculators to get quick and easy pricing! You can even reach out to the team via WhatsApp on 07561 570 029  or send us a message to

Air Conditioning Installation FAQs

Firstly you need to select the right aircon system for your needs and get a precise quote and choose the best air conditioning contractor. As a UK leading air con installer, our air conditioning installers will come to your property to survey and take measurements to ensure that our team knows exactly where they will be installing units. We then schedule the time for your aircon units to be fitted – at a time that is most convenient to you. Our team come to your property and the installation is taken care of.
When choosing an air conditioning unit, several factors should be considered, including the size of the room and the type of system desired. To get a much clearer idea on the details, you’ll need to find out what size air conditioning system would work best for you. To do this, we highly recommend using our home and commercial handy pricing calculator. Using this, you can not only see what information will be needed, but you can benefit from more clarity on the pricing too.
The answer to this question does depend slightly on your own personal preferences. On the market, most air conditioners will have a sound level of between 30 dBA to 70 dBA. The sound a human makes when breathing is somewhere around 10 dBA, so 30-70 would range from a normal conversation to a group of numerous people talking at the same time. We would suggest looking for an AC unit with a sound level that sits somewhere between 20 dBA to 50 dBA. It’s important to remember that the decibel level your air conditioner makes will also depend on the mode you are using.
The installation of most small or domestic air conditioning systems doesn’t necessitate planning permission. However, planning permission may be required in conservation areas, areas of outstanding natural beauty, national parks and world heritage sites. If you want more specific information on planning permission for air conditioning installation in the UK, you can find out more in our article ‘Do You Need Planning Permission for Air Conditioning Installation?’
The number of air conditioning units needed in a home or business will vary depending on several factors, including the size of the space, the level of insulation, the number of windows and the local climate. Our team at MAC are experts when it comes to air conditioning and you can always reach out to us for advice on what may suit you best.