Air Conditioning Installation Coventry

Air Conditioning Installation Coventry

Air Conditioning Installation Coventry

Air conditioning installation: For cost effective cooling and heating all year round, air conditioning has become the ultimate all in one climate control solution for domestic and commercial settings throughout Coventry and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for an air conditioning for your home on the Hollyhead Road or simply maintenance to meet specific criteria for a unique building like the Coventry Transport Museum, MAC offers a wide range of AC services throughout the entirety of Coventry and the Midlands area. 

Whether you need an air conditioning installation, maintenance or repairs, you can rely on MAC’s team based in the heart of the Midlands region comprised of fully F Gas qualified air con engineers and specialist advisors to help you select which product or service will best suit your needs. 

The benefits of an Air Conditioning Installation in the Midlands

Air conditioning can even aid in getting a good nights sleep as it maintains the optimal sleeping temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius throughout the summer months or cool air of winter, keeping you at a comfortable sleeping temperature all year round
Better still, the continuous air filtration will hinder the spread of lingering airborne bacteria or viruses, significantly reducing the likelihood of a cold spreading or even more substantial viruses such as Covid-19.
With the number of heatwaves in the UK steadily increasing and winters as cold as ever, having full climate control in your home or workspace makes all the difference not just for your quality of life, but the cost of utilities too.
The air source heat pump technology used in air conditioning are at least 400% efficient in comparison to top of the range gas boilers with efficiencies that peak at around 94%. By switching to air conditioning for your heating needs you can save up to 40% on your utility bills, but there’s more!

The air filtration provided by air conditioning systems actively reduces the number of airborne particles within an indoor environment, which is great news for hay fever suffers and asthmatics as this actively reduces the number of allergens such as dust or pollen. 

Use the MAC online, commercial and domestic price calculator to get your free, no-obligation quote find the best option for you, depending on your circumstances!

Our Online Calculators

Commercial Air Conditioning

If you're a commercial customer this calculator is for you! No matter your industry, room size, or power requirement, MAC has the AC solution for you.

Domestic Air Conditioning

We can provide instant pricing for an air conditioning installation in your home by asking just a few simple questions.

Domestic Air Conditioning Coventry

If you need an air conditioning unit in your home, it should always be taken in to consideration that every building is different and whilst you can expect air conditioning to keep you cool during the summer and warm during the winter, it is important your air conditioning is optimised to your specific needs. MAC are known throughout Coventry, the West Midlands and beyond for our top quality air conditioning solutions, taking pride in our high standards of customer service and not only being reliable, but also also setting the highest standard in the Midland areas across our entire range of services. 

Air Conditioning Installation

Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions in Coventry

Should you need a specialist air conditioning at a mixed purpose location such as The Wave Waterpark or simply want to improve the ventilation within your office space at Sutherland House, MAC can provide air conditioning installation services in Coventry for commercial properties as well as the entire Midland area. For professional services specialised for commercial and industrial air conditioning, MAC has you covered. It is important your air conditioning is optimised to the needs of your business, not only to boost efficiency but also to guarantee you have all the useful features you require.

MAC can make recommendations on design and install for many types of systems from wall and ceiling mounted units, to ducted, VRF and even air handling units, all whilst ensuring you get only the highest quality service from our qualified and skilled engineers. Instant competitive pricing for an air conditioning is available online and we can also provide bespoke quotations for jobs of larger sizes and scale.

Our Clients

What types of air conditioning units are available in Coventry? 

At MAC we carefully select all the systems we provide to ensure optimal efficiency and cost effectiveness, but also so you can decide which feature matters most to you. With a range of different AC makes and models for both domestic homes and commercial properties, even listed buildings like St Mary’s Guildhall  can find the perfect AC solution. 

MAC’s range includes;

Mitsubishi Electric (ME) - The Residential AC unit Specialists

Established in 1954 ME offer the most diverse and distinctive range of air source heat pump air conditioning systems in the domestic sector. Their range includes the HR (Classic) and the AP / AY (Elegance), both wall mounts are great entry level AC options with the EF (Zen) taking this a step further with additional features and colour finishes including black and silver. Last but certainly not least the LN offers all advanced features such as the smart I-See room occupancy sensor and premium finishes from Pearl White to Ruby Red. 
Air Conditioning Units

Daikin and Toshiba - Global AC unit Suppliers

With over 90 years experience in developing AC systems, Daikin are world leaders in both design and distribution of high quality air con systems worldwide. From their range MAC provide the Stylish, a slim and modern AC unit available in multiple premium colours and features the very latest advances in Daikin’s AC technology. Not to forget Toshiba, with their range of air conditioning available in the UK since the 1960s, their unique innovations on electronics have seen them at the forefront of many of the new AC developments we see today. Of their range MAC can supply and install their Seiya model that features a compact and robust design based on simplicity and energy efficiency. 

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) – World Leading Commercial and Industrial AC Units

Dating back as far as 1956, MHI established itself as a reputable world leader in developing a cost-effective range of HVAC solutions including air conditioning systems. From the smart wall mounted SRK to the compact FTD ceiling cassette, both models are compact and efficient with features optimised to workspaces. When a wall or ceiling void isn’t an option, the FDE is a versatile option that allows the unit to be suspended from the ceiling and even features an extended pipe run of up to 100 meters! 

Maximise your investment with Expert Air Con Maintenance Services In Coventry

To prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning system, arranging a regular maintenance will not only maximise the lifespan of your air conditioning, it will keep your energy costs down throughout the year too! 

We also provide flexible payment options on air conditioning maintenance packages for domestic air conditioning, giving you the option to make a single payment for your annual service or in smaller monthly instalments. For maintenance at multiple commercial or industrial premises, MAC can also provide options for ongoing contracts based on your needs, from ducted air conditioning systems to chillers, our Coventry-based mobile engineers have you covered.

You may not need a new Air Conditioning System if your existing units can be repaired

For professional air conditioning repair in Coventry, look no further than MAC to provide all the callout support and advice you need to resolve an emergency breakdown and get your AC up and running again as soon as possible. For domestic or commercial premises including schools, households, offices and more, MAC’s expert team can offer repair services for all types of air conditioning repair. But if for whatever reason our engineer cannot repair your aircon same day, MAC will provide a quotation on the parts required, sourced directly from the manufacturer. If you’re happy to proceed, we will have the necessary components ordered and our engineer will return to complete your repair as soon as possible.

Air Conditioning Installation Coventry

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For an expert air conditioning installation in Coventry by your Local Air Conditioning Experts at MAC

Air Conditioning Installation Coventry

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Whether you require an AC quotation for your home or business, MAC have years of experience working with high-quality air conditioning systems and specialise in providing excellent service. Our team at MAC take pride in our comprehensive solutions for a range of different environments including domestic households, retail chains, industrial sites and more with air conditioning services ranging from installation to repair.

MAC’s engineers in Coventry are working in your area now and you can call us today to speak to our knowledgeable team on 0121 730 4800 to quickly and efficiently discuss your AC requirements. But if you’re short on time, that’s okay too! For an instant price you can use our free, commercial and domestic pricing calculators to provide a free quote on pricing including installation! You can even reach out to the team via WhatsApp on 07561 570 029  or send us a message to