Portable Air Conditioning Hire

Portable Air Conditioning Hire

Beat the Heat with Flexible Comfort: Portable Air Conditioning Hire at MAC!

10-Week Minimum Portable AC Hire!

The Midlands may surprise you with occasional bursts of scorching summer heat. Don’t let it disrupt your business or home comfort!
Here at Midland Air Conditioning (MAC), we offer a range of portable air conditioning hire options to suit your needs, from powerful vented units to budget-friendly evaporative coolers.
  • BRP14 (4.1 kW / 14,000 BTU/hr): This top-of-the-line unit boasts both cooling and heating capabilities, making it a versatile year-round climate control solution. It cools large areas efficiently with an impressive ‘A’ energy rating, keeping costs down. Hire it weekly for just £65 (excluding VAT).

PACH12 (3.5 kW / 12,000 BTU/hr): Another powerful option for both cooling and heating, the PACH12 is perfect for medium to large spaces. Enjoy efficient cooling, ‘A’ energy efficiency, and a 1.5M exhaust duct included for convenient venting, all for a weekly hire rate of £65 (excluding VAT).

  • Honeywell FR60: Cool larger spaces (up to 80 square metres) with the Honeywell FR60. It boasts the same 3 fan speeds and an even bigger 60-litre water tank for longer cooling periods. Hire it for a week at the affordable rate of £65 (excluding VAT).
  • Honeywell FR48EC: This compact unit is suitable for spaces up to 57 square metres. It features 3 fan speeds for adjustable airflow and a large 48-litre water tank capacity for extended use between refills. Hire it weekly for just £65 (excluding VAT).

10-Week Minimum Portable Air Conditioning Hire!

Considering a Permanent Solution?

While our hire options are perfect for temporary needs, we also recommend the Carrier 51QPD – a powerful vented portable air conditioner available for purchase at MAC
With a 12,000 BTU (3.5kW) capacity, it efficiently cools rooms up to 400 square feet. Plus, owning the Carrier 51QPD can be more cost-effective in the long run, especially if you require cooling for longer than 10 weeks (considering the minimum hire period and total hire cost).

Let MAC Help You Stay Cool!

No matter your cooling needs, Midland Air Conditioning (MAC) has a solution. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and find the perfect portable air conditioning hire option for your home or business. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help you beat the Midlands heat and keep your space comfortably cool!
[1:52 PM] Romany Lynch Carrier vented portable air conditioning unit. Model 51QPD 1200BTU (3.5KW)

Carrier 51QPD

The 51QPD portable air conditioners are suitable for cooling and heating rooms in the home and small offices.

This portable unit is highly compact and moving it around couldn’t be easier with convenient handles and wheels.

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