51QPD- Portable Air Conditioner

51QPD12N7S portable air con


Provides both heating and cooling

Wireless remote control

Washable filter

Flexible exhaust hose - 1.5m

Suitable for areas up to 23m²

Natural Refrigerant R290

Ultra-low GWP

R290-01 refrigerant logo

The 51QPD portable air conditioners are suitable for cooling rooms in the home and small offices.

This portable unit is highly compact and moving it around couldn’t be easier with convenient handles and wheels.

Includes: hose, tray, remote control and window kit.

Attribute Value
Power Supply
Unit 51QPD12N7S
Power supply V-Ph-Hz 220-240V, 1Ph, 50Hz
Capacity BTU/h 12000
Capacity kW 3.5
Nominal power draw W 1350
Nominal current draw A 5.9
EER W/W 2.6
Energy Efficiency Class A
Capacity BTU/h 10000
Capacity kW 2.9
Nominal power draw W 1045
Nominal current draw A 5.0
COP W/W 2.8
Energy Efficiency Class A+
Dehumidifying capacity L/h 3.25
Maximum power draw W 1600
Maximum current draw A 8.0
Energy consumption on activation A 25
Air Flow and Sound Levels
Air flow (Hi) m³/h 420 / 370 / 350
Sound pressure level (Hi/Med/Lo) dB(A) 55 / 54 / 53
Sound power level (Hi) dB(A) 64
Energy consumption in thermostat mode turned off W 1
Energy consumption in standby mode W 0.5
Type R290
Additional refrigerant load kg 0.23
CO2 quantity kg 0.69
Test Pressure
Test pressure MPa 2.6 / 1.0
Other Info and Dimensions
Type of plug 1.5x3/VDE
Type of Control Remote Control
Indoor temperature °C 17-35 / 5-30
Space Area m² 16-23
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 467×397×765
Package (LxWxH) mm 515×440×890
Weight (net/gross) Kg 34.4 / 37.8