Midland Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Specialists in The Midlands

Use our Air Conditioning and EV Price Calculators to get an instant quote and buy online today.

Midland Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Specialists in The Midlands

Use our Air Conditioning and EV Price Calculators to get an instant quote and buy online today.

Exceeding your expectations with service you can trust

As experts in air conditioning installations, maintenance and repair for both domestic homes and commercial businesses throughout the Midlands, MAC take pride in providing environmentally friendly solutions delivered with passion, expertise, teamwork and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction. 

Our Clients

Prices starting from £2000 per room (VAT free)

Check out the types of air conditioning available for your home and get your instant online price today

If you’re thinking of having air conditioning installed to keep your home warm over the winter months or cool the air within your home during summer, knowing what is available to you, its energy efficiency and how much it costs is an essential part of making an informed decision.

For air conditioning supply and installation, MAC provides a variety of different solutions to homes at affordable prices, with all split air conditioning systems utilising air source heat pump technology that is three times more energy efficient than a modern gas boiler. To get your instant price for an AC system installation for your home, you can use our online pricing calculator and see what options are available.

Prices starting from £2500 per room (Excluding VAT)

Choose from a range of air conditioning systems optimised for the workplace with instant online pricing

Understanding that each business has its unique challenges and requirements, we offer tailored commercial air conditioning solutions that are as unique as your business. From small office spaces to large commercial buildings, our experts work closely with you to design and implement systems that provide maximum comfort, efficiency, and reliability.

From small office spaces to large commercial buildings, MAC can provide a range of hvac solutions for businesses so you can select the best air conditioning unit to not just meet your expectations, but exceed them. For instant pricing on an AC installation at your business, you can use our online pricing calculator to find out what options are available to you.
Prices starting from £10 per month (Excluding VAT)

Maximise your investment by choosing the right air conditioning maintenance plan to suit you

If you’re thinking of having air conditioning installed to keep your home warm over the winter months or cool the air within your home during summer, knowing what is available to you, its energy efficiency and how much it costs is an essential part of making an informed decision.

It’s your choice when it comes to how and when you want to get your air conditioning maintained and this is why MAC provides flexible options on our maintenance plans, from the number of AC units you want to have maintained to how and when you’d like to make payment. You choose the maintenance solution that matches your needs best.

Book Your Showroom Tour

Our brand new showroom is now open and we’d love to welcome you to view our top of the range Air-Con systems and Electric Vehicle Chargers! We can provide you with a complete demonstration as all indoor and outdoor units are fully operational with all features available for testing.
Prices starting from £195 for callouts (Excluding vat)

for prompt repairs with legitimate AC parts sourced directly from air conditioning manufacturers

Nothing is more frustrating than a non-functioning air conditioning system at the height of summer or the depths of winter and when things go wrong you need both a swift and cost effective solution to the problem. 

With skilled mobile engineers on call throughout the Midlands, MAC’s specialist air conditioning repair services cover all domestic and commercial premises with the goal to get your air conditioner back up and running same day. If for whatever reason our engineer cannot repair your AC same day, MAC will provide a quotation with all required parts sourced directly from the manufacturer. 

Prices starting from £1000 (Excluding VAT)

Specialised EV Charging Solutions up to five times cheaper than a public charge point

With electric vehicles an increasingly common sight on the road, public charging points are still not quite as widespread in the UK and often slow to charge, which means having an EV charger at home that charges overnight is not only convenient but with overnight tariffs it is significantly cheaper too.  

MAC’s EV installation services are designed to make the transition to electric as smooth as possible, offering you the convenience to charge your vehicle at home with the same ease as charging your mobile phone. To get an instant price for an EV charger install, you can use our online pricing calculator and even purchase online.

Prices starting from £6500 (vat may apply)

Save up to 70% on your electricity bills with solar panels and maximise your savings with battery storage

With energy prices at an all time high, saving on your electricity bills in particular can make a huge difference to your monthly expenditure and utilising solar energy not only vastly reduces your electricity costs, you can store the excess power with batteries to use at night or even sell it back to the grid.

As a leading provider of solar panel installations across the Midlands, MAC are here to both support and empower homeowners and businesses alike so that the benefits of renewable energy are accessible for everyone. We can provide quotations on systems that include solar panels with optional battery storage or we can just provide you with pricing on the batteries so you can make the most of those cheaper overnight tariffs!

Don't forget to Check out our free knowledge hub

For everything you may want to know about air conditioning, EV charging, solar panels and more.

MAC’s completely free Knowledge Hub is open access and filled with content specifically designed to answer not only the questions we receive from our superb customers, but general enquiries too!  As an ever growing source of information, you may just find your query taking the spotlight in our next upcoming article!

Why Midland Air Conditioning

To find out more about Midland Air Conditioning (MAC) including our history with air conditioning, EV and Solar you can check out our About Us page. Here you can also meet team MAC from our colleagues in the office to our engineers and apprentices working throughout the Midlands.

Our Service promises to you

Air Conditioning is an investment you'll want to enjoy for years to come and that matters to us too.  From up to 10 years extended warranty, 48 hour breakdown response and even a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on installations. You can find out more on all our service promises here. 

Expert Support And advice

Even when your air conditioning installation, repair or maintenance is complete, MAC's team of experts are still on hand to offer you advice and guidance coupled with free access to our constantly growing archive of air con tips. From price comparisons to system specs and more, check out the hub today!

Fair and transparent pricing

Choose from a carefully selected range of only the best rated air conditioning systems from world leading manufacturers. Each make and model of ac system in the range is chosen not just for its performance but with extra considerations made concerning its features, appearance, overall cost and more.

What Our Customers Say

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Midland Aircon (MAC)

Why Choose Our Air Conditioning Services in The Midlands


Expertise and Experience:

With years of experience in the industry, our family-run business has the knowledge and skills to handle any air conditioning challenge, big or small.


Quality Service:

Our team of certified technicians is dedicated to providing the highest quality service, ensuring your air conditioning system is installed, maintained, or repaired to meet the highest standards.

Customer Satisfaction:

At MAC, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed your expectations with our professional, reliable, and courteous service.

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MAC frequently asked questions

Firstly you need to select the right aircon system for your needs and get a precise quote and choose the best air conditioning contractor. As a UK leading air con installer, our air conditioning installers will come to your property to survey and take measurements to ensure that our team knows exactly where they will be installing units. We then schedule the time for your aircon units to be fitted – at a time that is most convenient to you. Our team come to your property and the installation is taken care of.
When choosing an air conditioning unit, several factors should be considered, including the size of the room and the type of system desired. To get a much clearer idea on the details, you’ll need to find out what size air conditioning system would work best for you. To do this, we highly recommend using our home and commercial handy pricing calculator. Using this, you can not only see what information will be needed, but you can benefit from more clarity on the pricing too.
The answer to this question does depend slightly on your own personal preferences. On the market, most air conditioners will have a sound level of between 30 dBA to 70 dBA. The sound a human makes when breathing is somewhere around 10 dBA, so 30-70 would range from a normal conversation to a group of numerous people talking at the same time. We would suggest looking for an AC unit with a sound level that sits somewhere between 20 dBA to 50 dBA. It’s important to remember that the decibel level your air conditioner makes will also depend on the mode you are using.
The installation of most small or domestic air conditioning systems doesn’t necessitate planning permission. However, planning permission may be required in conservation areas, areas of outstanding natural beauty, national parks and world heritage sites. If you want more specific information on planning permission for air conditioning installation in the UK, you can find out more in our article ‘Do You Need Planning Permission for Air Conditioning Installation?’
The number of air conditioning units needed in a home or business will vary depending on several factors, including the size of the space, the level of insulation, the number of windows and the local climate. Our team at MAC are experts when it comes to air conditioning and you can always reach out to us for advice on what may suit you best.