Air Conditioning Unit Installation: How Long Does It Take?

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Air Conditioning Unit Installation: How Long Does It Take?

Air Conditioning Unit Installation

A question we frequently get asked is ‘how long does an air conditioning unit Installation take?’ Although this answer will vary based on a range of different factors. In this article, we break down the process of an air conditioning system installation to clarify why this span of time can vary.

The Air Conditioning Unit Installation Process

With every residential and commercial air conditioning unit installation we carry out at MAC we follow a process to ensure everything proceeds as smoothly as possible. At the start of this process we;

  1. Arrange a visit to your property to confirm your requirements (as applicable)
  2. Schedule a date for installation and testing of your new air conditioning system.
  3. Reserve your AC units and order any additional equipment that may be required.

The time frame to complete the following tasks will vary on a range of factors as well. These include:

  • Engineer availability at the time of contact
  • The time of year (summer being the busiest time of year for MAC)
  • Your schedule
  • Stock availability of the AC units from the manufacturer
  • Any other contributing factors

During this preparation phase, it allows us to make all the arrangements for the air conditioning unit installation to ensure once the system is installed that you will be satisfied with the outcome. If you’re thinking of having air conditioning installed in your home or business, read all about whether we recommend people install air conditioning themselves and how to choose a specialist.

How long does it take to install an air conditioning unit?

Air Conditioning Unit Installation: How Long Does It Take?

Once our engineers arrive to install your air conditioning system, there are a small number of variables that will affect how long it takes to complete your air conditioning unit installation;

  • The size of your property/ premises.
  • How many air conditioning units require installation?
  • Whether we are installing a brand-new unit, or replacing an old, existing unit.
  • The type of unit we are fitting for you.

Cool Down Fast: Hassle-Free Air Conditioning Installation (MAC)

When you place an order with us we will endeavour to provide you with the most up-to-date information we have on installation time and adhere to the installation date you request as close as possible. As this varies per installation this timeframe will be specific to you and will be adjusted to best suit your preferences.


We hope we’ve answered your query, ‘how long does an air conditioning unit installation take?’ Rest assured, MAC will install your air conditioning system as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Contact us today on 0121 730 4800, email us at or fill out our online contact form to discuss your requirements.