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Daikin Sensira

Elevating Comfort: The Revolutionary Daikin Sensira Range

For those seeking the perfect balance of efficiency and elegance in their air conditioning, look no further than the Daikin Sensira range. This exceptional line of systems combines energy-saving technology with a sleek, modern design – a solution that won’t clutter your space or your energy bills. With the Sensira range, Daikin elevates the standard for air conditioning, providing whisper-quiet operation, pristine air quality, and outstanding energy efficiency.
Its use of R32 refrigerant positions it as an environmentally conscious choice, demonstrating Daikin’s commitment to a greener future. Whether for the comfort of your home or the productivity of your workspace, the Sensira range delivers unmatched comfort and performance.
Daikin with Midland Air Conditioning
Daikin Sensira

Daikin Sensira

An entry-level high-wall unit with a standard air filter with simple but appealing styling and features.

The Daikin Sensira range

The Daikin Sensira range, available through Midland Air Conditioning (MAC), is designed to offer comfort without compromising energy efficiency. This product is known for its cost-effectiveness and reliability. 

It operates on the greener R32 gas, which not only reduces environmental impact by 68% compared to R-410A but also leads to lower energy consumption due to its high energy efficiency​ MAC Midland Air Conditioning​.
Key features of the Daikin Sensira range include a flat front panel that easily blends with any interior décor and is straightforward to clean, seasonal efficiency values of up to A++ in cooling, whisper-quiet operation as low as 20 dB, and a 7-year warranty.
This range is an excellent choice for those seeking an entry-level high-wall unit that does not sacrifice style or performance for affordability.
The Sensira 3.5kW model, in particular, is equipped for versatile installation thanks to its super compact design. It offers whisper-silent operation, making it suitable for environments where noise is a concern, such as bedrooms and home offices.
The unit features a 5-step fan speed adjustment, air filtration to ensure clean air, and different modes to suit various needs, including Econo Mode for energy saving, Comfort Mode to avoid direct airflow on occupants, and Powerful Mode for rapid heating or cooling​

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Our Daikin Sensira Units

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