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MAC supplies and installs air conditioning (AC) for both domestic and commercial sectors across the nation. Beat the heat and stay cool with our sophisticated range of AC units. As leading air conditioning installers, all of our air conditioning systems are installed by expert engineers, ensuring your home or business has cool, clean and healthy air.

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Patrick Dormon
Patrick Dormon
I chose to purchase and install my EV charger from MAC as it was important to me to have the installation done properly. My garage is detached from my house by some distance and my electrical distribution boards are probably not conventional by current new-build standards. I felt immediately confident from the initial sales conversation and I was able to choose the brand of charger that I felt would satisfy both my current and potential future needs, perhaps if I decide to install solar panels at some stage. The installation went very smoothly and the communication was great throughout. I have no doubt that my neighbours will ask me about my experience and will also be using MAC for the EV charger installations in due course.
Tom Hargreaves
Tom Hargreaves
I find it so rare these days to get a service as good as this was. I genuinely couldn't fault them. The guy who came out to price-up was really nice and we felt that he had time for us, to understand our needs and deliver on them. The installation team were even better, if that's possible! The lead installer was a great chap, extremely professional, took my concerns seriously and answered all our questions. They did a great job, the finish is really superb. The office always answer when you call, are very helpful and knowledgeable. Everyone I interacted with seemed to value my business and have time for me. They might not be the cheapest but, blimey, I have never been happier with a decision. We know someone who had a similar experience from them, so I doubt it's just me! I would recommend to anyone.
Cole Payne
Cole Payne
We wanted a unit installed in our living room (residential). Great from quote all the way through to install. Really clean job, well explained and everyone we spoke to was lovely. Couldn’t recommend more!
chander shekhar
chander shekhar
Fairley priced, the company matched the best quote I had got online. Received excellent service from start to finish and EV charger installation was done within 3 days. I would recommend unhesitantly wishing to use their services.
Laurence Dalton
Laurence Dalton
Excellent service guys. Thank you. Very happy. Mr Dalton
Graham Nuttall
Graham Nuttall
Installation of Air Conditioning in two rooms using a split condenser .Quality of the work and communication has been excellent from start to finish
Jason Legg
Jason Legg
Fantastic service received from Midland Air Conditioning who have installed a 7.1kw AC system in our residential property. We would highly recommend them as the installation went very well. We were impressed with advice we were given from the company on the make and system size to go for and the the quality of the installation was superb. They even cleared up after themselves which my wife was very impressed with. The engineers were very polite, organised and professional. Absolutely great service from MAC. Thank you! 1 year update: During the heatwave on 18-19th July 2022 this system was able to keep all our house cool, it worked great mainly keeping the upstairs (3 bedrooms and bathroom) a cool 20c when it was 40c outside, we found that it also keeps it cool downstairs around 23-24c. Also MAC recently serviced our system and checked it was in good order, thanks again great service.
Neil Gavin
Neil Gavin
It's the second house that I've had air conditioning installed by MAC. The first units I had were Toshiba and got us through a couple of hot summers which were great.This time we had Mitsubishi LNs and they are fantastic. Amazing colours (we had red and blck units) and fully controllable through the app or a browser. Really good looking bits of kit. The install was completed just before the record breaking 40+ degree heat we've just had. Walking around a 19 degree house in a hoodie when outside was unbearably hot 🙂 Professional and personal service all the way. Anthony said that he likes to look after his customers and he does, answering messages and call at all hours. He doesn't stop working he says, I suppose that's how you run a successful business. Would definitely recommend if you're considering air con and you really should the way our summers are going. Everyone I mention it to says they wish they had so why not just get it done?
Zak Amir
Zak Amir
Had a single-room wall-mounted AC unit install which was on the first-floor. Engineers on site were both professional and very clean with their work. No clean-up was required after they had completed their job. Job was done super neatly as well, with everything trunked nicely and outdoor condensor unit installed neatly against brickwork. Customer Service both pre-install and post-install has been fantastic and excellent. There might be slightly cheaper installs available in the West Midlands, but I have NO REGRETS going with this company, due to their warranty policy and quality of engineers/level of work + customer service. Been a pleasure and look forward to using this company in the future for maintance of my new install and possibly new future installs!. Cheers!

Domestic AC

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Stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter with our cost-effective air conditioning systems.

Commercial AC

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For bespoke air conditioning installation services for your commercial enterprise, our range can provide comfort for employees and customers all year round.

How MAC Works

You can have an AC system installed in a few simple steps. You can use our domestic or commercial quiz, where you can choose the unit you want us to install.

Once you’ve chosen your unit, you can book a date for us to come out and survey your property. Then, we book an installation date that suits you, where we fit your brand-new system.

  1. Call us or use our quiz to tell us which AC unit you want.
  2. Book a date for us to survey your property and install your system.
  3. Our air conditioning installers take care of the rest!
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Heat As Well As Cool Your Home

Air conditioning is ideal for keeping cool and comfortable during the hot summer months, in addition to providing a cost-effective heating solution during colder seasons.

We offer climate control at the touch of a button. Set an ideal temperature to relax in your home and keep your employees and visitors content in your business space. MAC’s AC systems can include features such as automatic temperature adjustment, enabling your system to suit your routine. Whether you want precise control at your fingertips or require more automated temperature settings, as a leading air con installer, we have the perfect solution for you.

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Air Conditioning Installation

A Healthier Home

Extreme heat can cause various problems for your health – from dehydration to heat stroke and sleep exhaustion. Air conditioning is the perfect solution to tackle these problems. The cool air will reduce the amount of water you lose through sweating as well as lowering your body temperature, stopping you from overheating.

Trying to get to sleep in high temperatures can be agonisingly difficult. You’ll have pleasant dreams with air conditioning installed, allowing for a restful and cool sleep, instead of feeling as if you’re in the depths of hell!

Additionally, without the need to keep windows open during the day and night, you’ll keep your home more secure as well as stop those pesky insects and bugs from buzzing around.

Improved Air Quality

Air conditioning systems systems provide excellent air quality for domestic and commercial environments. If you or a family member suffers from asthma or respiratory problems, using MAC’s air conditioning installation services will benefit you hugely.

Our units are fitted with filters that stop harmful bacteria, dust, pollutants and allergens from entering your home. Another added benefit of this is that the elimination of damp air will stop any mould or fungi from growing in your home or commercial space.

We recommend maintaining and changing your air filters to provide consistent, good air quality as well as causing damage to your system.

Air Con Installation

Air Conditioning FAQs

Firstly you need to select the right air conditioning systems for your needs and get a precise quote and choose the best air conditioning contractor. As a UK leading air con installer, our air conditioning installers will come to your property to survey and take measurements to ensure that our team knows exactly where they will be installing units. We then schedule the time for your aircon units to be fitted – at a time that is most convenient to you. Our team come to your property and the installation is taken care of.

When choosing an air conditioning unit, several factors should be considered, including the size of the room and the type of system desired.

To get a much clearer idea on the details, you’ll need to find out what size air conditioning system would work best for you. To do this, we highly recommend using our home and commercial handy pricing calculator.

Using this, you can not only see what information will be needed, but you can benefit from more clarity on the pricing too.

Installation of aircon units will take different lengths of time depending on the size of the system and also the type of aircon units being installed. Each project is as unique as your situation, so get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quotation as well as an estimate of the time it will take to get your units up and chilling.

The answer to this question does depend slightly on your own personal preferences. On the market, most air conditioners will have a sound level of between 30 dBA to 70 dBA. The sound a human makes when breathing is somewhere around 10 dBA, so 30-70 would range from a normal conversation to a group of numerous people talking at the same time.

We would suggest looking for an AC unit with a sound level that sits somewhere between 20 dBA to 50 dBA. It’s important to remember that the decibel level your air conditioner makes will also depend on the mode you are using.

In the UK, the best place to install an air conditioner is in a shaded area with plenty of space and air so that it can operate at an optimum level. There are different variables depending on the type of air conditioning system and your own personal preferences. With this said, it’s generally advised to install your air conditioning unit in a high, well-ventilated, shaded and spacious area no higher than about 1.2 meters from the ground. These conditions will allow it to run efficiently and allow for easier access for an engineer during maintenance.

At MAC, we are a proficient air con installer (as well as air conditioner maintenance, servicing, and AC repairs) and would have no problem fitting an outdoor unit to a wall, on brackets, or on the floor with shock-absorbing rubber feet. It all depends on your unique needs.

The installation of most small or domestic air conditioning systems doesn’t necessitate planning permission. However, planning permission may be required in conservation areas, areas of outstanding natural beauty, national parks and world heritage sites. If you want more specific information on planning permission for air conditioning installation in the UK, you can find out more in our article 'Do You Need Planning Permission for Air Conditioning Installation?'

The number of air conditioning units needed in a home or business will vary depending on several factors, including the size of the space, the level of insulation, the number of windows and the local climate.  Our team at MAC are experts when it comes to air conditioning and you can always reach out to us for advice on what may suit you best.

It isn’t advisable to install air conditioning yourself owing to the complexity of the task and the regulations involved. Air conditioning installation requires electrical work, refrigerant handling and ensuring proper ventilation and drainage.

A professional air con installer will make sure that safety is adhered to as well as compliance with regulations and as many manufacturers require professional installation to validate warranty coverage, you need to employ a professional to install your new units to prevent nullifying the warranty.

The cost of installing air conditioning will vary depending on the size and scope of the task. A domestic installation will likely cost less than in large commercial buildings such as offices or warehouses. What we guarantee at Midland Air Conditioning is to always be competitive on price and transparent on quotations.