Buying your air conditioner just got easier with our brand-new online calculator

Online Air Conditioning Calculator

Buying an air conditioning system is a big decision and one that’s important to get right. There’s lots of choice out there and a bewildering amount of information, but how do you calculate what size you need for your home –  and what it’s going to cost?

Well, the process just got a whole lot easier thanks to MAC’s brilliant new online calculator. incredibly easy to use, it has been designed by our experts to help you find the perfect solution in just a few simple steps, wherever you are.

To use the MAC online calculator:

First, select your property type and the room or rooms where you need air conditioning. You will need to know the room size (in square metres).

Next, indicate where you want your indoor and outdoor units to be positioned. You will need to give the approximate distance between the two units and choose whether your outdoor unit should be hung on the wall or mounted on the ground. Bear in mind it is important your outdoor unit has enough clearance – it requires approximately 1.5 metres space to the front and 100mm to the rear to achieve good air circulation over the refrigerant coil.

Finally, a few quick questions later and the calculator will return a selection of air conditioners, with costs, recommended especially for you by MAC, based on the information you’ve provided.

You will be able to compare the different specifications, view photos and videos to see how they look and what features are included, as well as reviewing cost options.

If you’re ready to buy, you can proceed to purchase straightaway by selecting the model you prefer and putting it in your basket. (Don’t forget, if you would like to spread the cost, we offer finance!)

To confirm your order, we will need you to upload some photos – such as your fuseboard and where you would like your AC units to go. Once confirmed, our skilled engineers will deliver and install your brand new air conditioning system on your agreed date.

Of course, if you prefer to discuss your options further before making your decision, our friendly team are always ready to answer your email or take your call, any weekday from 9am-5pm.

From January 2022, we are excited to be opening our extensive, fully equipped MAC showroom, so if you would like to view different air conditioning systems in action, we will be delighted to welcome you in person – simply book an appointment via the link on our website home page or call the office on 0121 730 4800.

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