Commercial Heating And Cooling Systems

Commercial Heating And Cooling Systems

Safe and comfortable working conditions for both your team and clients are essential for the smooth operation of your business and are easily achievable when utilising modern heat pump technology. Both economical and reliable in providing heating and cooling, our air conditioning systems are installed, maintained and repaired only by our team of qualified engineers to ensure you the most efficient service available.
Commercial Heating Solutions

Commercial installations

Whether you’re in an office, warehouse, retail centre or restaurant, MAC can cover a whole variety of locations to guarantee a seamless installation, minimising any impact on the daily operations of your business. Your installation will be bespoke to your business and catered to your specific building and location, ensuring all equipment will be perfectly suited to your requirements.
MAC offers a range of units utilising heat pump technology specifically designed for commercial working environments, so we can ensure they offer unparalleled efficiency and longevity. With over 15 years of experience in this sector, our team excel in exceeding expectations with many satisfied clients across the UK.

Our Integrated Commercial Heating and Cooling Systems

Manufactured with the highest care and quality, browse our range of commercial heating units, all at competitive, market-leading prices and with warranty coverage.

Did you know we have a showroom?

Still unsure of which heating system will work best for you? Book a tour and come down to our showroom  to explore our commercial heating and cooling units, with our team answering any and all questions you have on each system.

We want you to feel confident in our servicing process and our engineers will keep you well informed throughout their visit. When you sign up to our servicing and maintenance plans engineers will;

The Maintenance Process and Method

If any issues are discovered, our engineers will make every effort to rectify as much as they can whilst on site. Our team is always happy to answer any questions you have to make sure you’re updated every step of the way.

Maintenance options for commercial heating and cooling systems

It’s important to ensure you avoid any downtime to your heating and cooling systems due to it being crucial for health and safety compliance in the workplace. At MAC we can provide a range of maintenance options to the same high standard of our installations, allowing for both flexibility to your business needs and ensuring your investment is protected. Annual maintenance will maximise the life of your air conditioning as without professional servicing the likelihood of breakdown will increase and its performance will drop by approximately 5% each tear.
Maintaining commercial heating and cooling units for your cooling and heating requirements is crucial to comply with health and safety regulations in the workplace. Regular maintenance also ensures your commercial heating and cooling units remain at optimal efficiency, as systems tend to drop by 5% per year without adequate servicing.

For more information on our maintenance plans, get in touch with a member of our friendly, expert team today by calling 0121 730 4800 or by emailing

Commercial Heating and Cooling System Repairs

Reducing the downtime if something goes wrong with your commercial air conditioning system is always our priority so we can to guarantee your heating and cooling functionality is restored as quickly as possible. MAC’s experience with heat pump technology spans over 15 years and our engineers have a wealth of knowledge to implement any repairs both quickly and effectively.
Commercial Heating And Cooling Systems
Commercial Heating And Cooling Systems
We can be reached at any time on our support line for emergency callouts and we will endeavour to send an engineer as soon as possible with the aim to complete all repairs on the same day. If the repairs require specific parts, MAC will get in touch with the manufacturer for a quote on the required elements and advise you on the pricing. Once you confirm you wish to go ahead, our engineer will complete all the remaining repairs once the specialised parts arrive. Getting your systems up and running as soon as possible and keeping your team and clients comfortable is one of our main priorities as a business.

Hotel Air Conditioning Repairs

If things go wrong, there’s no need to panic. Our engineers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – and there’s no air-conditioning issue they can’t solve. We will travel to your hotel as quickly as possible, aiming to complete our repairs on the same day.
If any system-specific parts are required, we’ll contact the manufacturer on your behalf and come back to fit them as soon as they arrive. However, we won’t leave you stranded. We can also provide portable air-conditioning units for the interim period, to ensure you, your guests and your staff are never without service. Repairs are available for both existing MAC customers and new clients who got their hotel AC elsewhere.
Air Conditioning Installation

Looking for a short term air conditioning solution to keep your business cool?

Portable home and commercial air conditioning units are ideal for temporarily cooling during heatwaves or as a stand-in whilst your installed system is being repaired. Compact and convenient, portables offer a quick and easy solution; they even dehumidify and provide air purification too!

As a business, you also have the exclusive option to hire as well as purchase from a range of different options we have available.

Other Commercial Services We Provide

Office air conditioning isn’t just for the summer. It provides a constant, energy-efficient stream of heat all year round, in addition to dehumidifying and purifying your air.

MAC can provide (AC) air conditioning units for schools, colleges and universities to provide cooling in the warm and muggy summer months and heat during.

Keep your guests both comfortable and happy by installing our top-of-the-range hotel air conditioning systems – for heating, cooling and ventilation capable.

Commercial Heating And Cooling Systems FAQ

Commercial heat pumps transfer heat from one source to another providing heating or cooling to large commercial buildings – offices, restaurants, warehouses, retail centres, etc. Most operate using a refrigeration cycle, where a refrigerant absorbs and releases heat. Depending on the type, they can extract heat from the air, ground or water and are designed for larger-scale applications, compared to domestic heat pumps. MAC can offer its expertise on the functionality of our commercial heat pumps. For more information, call us on 0121 730 4800.
The typical method of heating a commercial unit involves using commercial-grade HVAC systems. These are designed to handle larger spaces and the heating demands of commercial buildings.
The cost of a commercial heat pump will depend on the size and type of system you choose to have installed. The team at MAC can provide you with a quote on all our commercial systems. Simply get in touch with us here so we can get a better understanding of your business and the type of system you’re after.
Of course, they can! We supply a wide range of commercial heat pumps that can provide energy-efficient and cost-saving heat for a myriad of businesses.