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EV Charger Installation Coventry

Midlands Air Conditioning are leading electric vehicle (EV) charger installers in Coventry, with an expert team to handle all the installation of a wide selection of EV chargers. Homeowners and businesses that utilise fully electric or hybrid vehicles can trust us to install the optimal EV charger in Coventry leaving you with a convenient charging solution for all your motor needs.

With a wealth of knowledge, incredible prices and a 24-hour support line, we’re the perfect choice for EV charger installation in Coventry.

EV Chargers Coventry

Cutting-edge Technology


3-year Manufacturer Warranty


24/7 Support Line


Conserving our Environment

MAC's EV Chargers Range

MAC supplies and installs a wide range of EV chargers in Coventry that suit your individual requirements with fast charging to get you out on the road quickly.

EV Charger Installation Coventry: Why Choose MAC?

Tired of using public EV charging points that are not only out of the way but take forever to charge? At MAC, we help you get on the road with your electric vehicle without the hassle, by installing the latest and most efficient EV chargers at your Coventry location.


Our qualified, professional EV charger installers will work their magic to provide the charging solutions you need. Our commitment to quality and customer care is unwavering, not only will you benefit from the latest cutting-edge EV chargers for Coventry but also receive a 3-year manufacturer warranty for the ultimate peace of mind.

Cutting-edge Technology

We supply the latest and greatest EV chargers on the market, offering restless reliability, supreme charging speeds and sophisticated smart features.

3-year Manufacturer Warranty

To alleviate any concerns about your new EV charger, all our EV charging points come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

24/7 Support Line

We’re here to help you whenever you might need it. Our support is open 24/7 so if any issues, questions or concerns arise, you can trust the team at MAC to offer their support.

Conserving our Environment

With our EV charger installation in Coventry, you’ll be committing to sustainable, eco-friendly practices, which is one of our big aims as a business. We’re passionate about reducing our – and our customers’ – carbon footprint and have been working for more than a decade to provide greener products.

Coventry’s Premier EV Charger Installers

EV Charger installation Coventry

MAC is the premier choice of EV charger installers in Coventry, and we supply a wide range of the latest, high-tech and reliable EV charging points that possess multiple user-friendly features at some of the most competitive prices on the market. 

Both homes and businesses in Coventry can benefit from our EV chargers which offer unparalleled convenience in charging your electric or hybrid vehicles.

We know that there’s no “one size fits all” type of charger. As leading EV charger installers for Coventry homes and businesses, our years of expertise will help hone in on the perfect EV charger for your specifications and requirements. We provide unbiased advice for you and help at any time you require it with our 24/7 support service. We listen to your unique needs and tailor our installation process to each of our clients.

Once you’ve decided on the ideal EV charger, our team will come out to your Coventry location and install it to the highest standards, without the need for sub-contractors, meaning you’ll be updated and communicated with directly by us.

Our EV chargers feature numerous user-friendly benefits, from various charging modes, programmable timers, UV stabilised, fire retardant and impact resistant designs, built-in Wi-Fi and clear charging status displays, as well as all EV chargers coming with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Embrace the greener way to drive with our EV charger installation services in Coventry. From expert advice to professional installation, MAC is the best choice to help you on the road to a sustainable future. You can receive a FREE quote from us today by taking our EV charger quiz, which will provide instant pricing for an EV charger installation after answering just six questions. You can also get in touch with us by calling 0121 730 4800. We’d be more than happy to provide you with more advice and information.