MAC provides competitively priced heating solutions that have brought year-round comfort to both homes and businesses across the UK. All installations and maintenance are completed by our own expert engineers with no compromises made on quality to provide you with unbeatable products and service at the best price.

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Types of Heating Solutions

There are many different solutions for heating homes and commercial properties that include air conditioning units, gas boilers and electric heating systems.

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Contrary to popular belief, air conditioning systems have both heating and cooling capabilities. They are quickly becoming the most efficient way to heat domestic and commercial properties with their modern heat pump technology.

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Traditional gas boiler systems have been a reliable and efficient means to heat buildings, large and small for decades. Due to their upcoming ban by the UK government, new installations are in the process of being phased out by 2035.


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Heating systems that use electricity as their main source of energy, this can include electric boilers, space heaters and underfloor heating. These can be more expensive to run but produce far lower carbon emissions than gas boilers.

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A renewable energy source produced from burning organic matter such as wood or plants and can be in the form of a stove to heat a single room or a back boiler for central heating. Wood fuel can vary greatly in price but is usually cheaper than gas powered alternatives, although it does release carbon dioxide when burned.

Industries We Serve


Our combined heating and cooling systems are perfect for keeping your home cosy and snug for all the family. We have a range of energy-efficient models available, helping you to maintain a comfortable temperature without worrying about high utility bills.


Whether you're looking to regulate the temperature in an office space or any other commercial property, customers and employees alike will benefit from the heating and cooling features of AC throughout the year.

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