Maintenance Contract – 1 Single Split system

Air conditioning systems are extremely reliable and are more cost-effective in operation when they are maintained properly. That’s why we recommend that customers opt for our MAC Maintenance Contract, which provides planned annual servicing to ensure your air conditioning continues to operate at optimum levels while massively reducing the likelihood of breakdown.

What’s included in our MAC Maintenance Service?

• Full cleaning of the filters and the indoor unit fascias
• Complete testing of any pumps and drain
• Inspection and cleaning of the evaporator coil
• Wiring connections and unit security check
• Testing of controls for both heating/cooling functionality
• Cleaning of the condenser coil and inspection for leakage
• Asset tagging of all units (unless already asset tagged by MAC)
• Checking refrigerant in your system are at the correct levels.
• We also produce an FGAS certificate for your system.