Remedial Electrical Works

Remedial work is carried out to repair, replace or upgrade an existing electrical system to ensure its safety. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act, remedial electrical works must be carried out at all workplaces after an electrical installation that could potentially present a safety risk to anyone on site, from staff to customers or other visitors.

MAC’s electrical remedial services cover all required work to address any identified faults or risks to your electrical system. Our team of reliable, knowledgeable and qualified electrical engineers operate across the whole of the UK, ensuring our customers enjoy a fast and efficient service.

What’s included?

Our service ensures your company’s electrical systems are safe for use. Included in our service:

  • A comprehensive test/ assessment to identify any faults or defects in your system.
  • A report detailing our findings.

Your report

After remedial electrical works service has been carried out, our electrical engineers will present you with an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) which is broken down into 3 sections/ codes:

Code 1: danger is present within your system which could lead to injury. This means that immediate remedial work is required.

Code 2: the system could potentially be dangerous and therefore urgent work needs to be carried out as soon as possible to fix the fault.

Code 3: we recommend improvement to your system based on our findings.

Our reports will also provide a full breakdown of the issues which need to be resolved.

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