Under Ceiling Units

Under ceiling air conditioners are like ceiling cassettes in the fact that they are ceiling mounted. They are more appropriate in settings that do not benefit from a false or suspended ceiling to fit the system into.  The units blend in seamlessly with the ceiling or can be fitted high up on the wall just below the ceiling.  There are airflow settings for both high and low ceiling applications.  This means there are lots of installation possibilities.

Here at MAC, we offer under ceiling air conditioners from leading brands Mitsubishi and Toshiba that guarantee reliability and durability and all feature:

✔ Heat pumps – blow hot or cold depending on the time of year

✔ Surface- coating to protect from unnecessary corrosion and extending the life of the unit

✔ Mould proof

✔ Compact size

✔ Airflow direction control

✔ Wi-Fi controllers

Like most other fitted air-con solutions, they have two components; an outside fan and an indoor unit.

Under-ceiling units are the most powerful models on the market (up to 14kW of cooling).  Such systems are ideal for large and open commercial premises such as fast-food restaurants, bakeries, larger retail stores and warehouses, as well as schools.