Air Conditioning Dental Surgery

Air conditioning installation is increasingly becoming an expectation from patients for their dental surgery. Taking a trip to the dentist is never the way patients wish to be spending their time, so increasing their comfort can only make a more enjoyable experience when they come to your dental surgery.

Within a dental surgery, there’s always the risk of transmission of bacteria and viruses between staff and patients, as well as within the staff and amongst patients. Introducing air conditioning will improve the air quality of the dental surgery, and therefore increase the safety of your patients and staff. This is even more important following the Covid-19 pandemic, as people have increased cleaning habits and awareness of hygiene standards.

Not only will the air conditioning cool the dental surgery in the summer, but it will also warm the air when it’s too cold in the winter months. Therefore, your patients and dentists will benefit from a controlled air temperature all year round.

Air Conditioning Installation in your Dental Surgery

Why MAC for Air Conditioning in Your Dental Surgery?

Here at MAC, we have air conditioning units for all sectors, meaning we can provide your dental surgery with the perfect solution. To ensure happy staff and satisfied patients.

Our professional service for air conditioning means that MAC is installing systems across the country and would provide only the best for your dental surgery. MAC air conditioning solutions are not just high quality, but we also pride ourselves on affordability and offering a desirable solution for all.

When our expert team of engineers installs your air conditioning system, they don’t just leave you. Our maintenance service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our call line is open 24/7.

Air Conditioning Units for Your Dental Surgery

There are many options for air conditioning units at MAC for your dental surgery, such as wall-mounted units, ceiling cassette units, and ducted air conditioning units. We are proud to be suppliers of leading brands Daikin Applied, Toshiba, and Mitsubishi Electric for our wall-mounted units and ducted air conditioning units.

In the healthcare sector, Ducted Air Conditioning units are a popular choice, as they’re very versatile and designed to be more discreet in hiding the fan and ductwork inside the unit. Ducted Air Conditioning systems are perfect for matching the aesthetic of the dental surgery, not standing out to your patients when entering the room.

ducted air conditining unit for dental surgery
Air conditioning medical purifers for dental surgery

At MAC, we also have Medical Grade Air Purifiers available, the AirX Pro, seeing as clean air is of high importance in a post-pandemic society, this would be ideal for your dental surgery. These units remove up to 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses, and other airborne allergens from the air in the room, including Covid-19.

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