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Air Conditioning for Schools

Educational establishments have a duty of care to staff and students alike to ensure a clean air environment – preventing the spread of coughs and colds and essential for those with conditions such as asthma.

MAC can provide (AC) air conditioning units for schools, colleges and universities to provide cooling in the warm and muggy summer months and heat during the winter whilst also offering cleaner air within classrooms.

Air Conditioning for Schools

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Our Air Conditioning Systems for Schools

MAC offers a wide range of heating and cooling air conditioning systems for schools and colleges from wall-mounted to ceiling-suspended and ducted units, similar to commercial AC systems, to guarantee your buildings are fitted with the right AC units for your school, college or nursery.

MHI Wall mounted (1)

24 Hour On/Off timer

Auto restart functionality

Auto flap mode functionality

Available with wireless remote as standard

MHI FDT Ceiling Cassette

Individual Louvre Control

Extended pipe runs of up to 100m

Slim design optimised for small ceiling voids

Available with hard wired control

MHI Ducted (1)

External static pressure control function

Extended pipe runs of up to 100m

Pre-fit lift pump

Available with hard wired control

MHI Ceiling Suspended (1)

Extended pipe runs of up to 100m

Top, right or rear piping available

Slim height design of 210mm or 250mm

Available with hard wired control

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School air conditioning installation

School Air Conditioning Installation

Our expert and fully qualified engineers can install air conditioning and heating units for your school or college with ease. Our fully DBS-checked engineers can work around your operations to cause the minimum disruption to your staff and students and ensure they benefit from clean, temperature controlled air in all areas of your building.

MAC’s Installation Process


Our easy, FREE online pricing calculator tool will help you find the ideal air conditioning units for your school, college or nursery to suit your exact needs and budget. Our expert team are also always more than happy to discuss your requirements and offer free, expert advice.


When the perfect system has been selected, we will offer a free, no-obligation quote. If you decide to proceed, we will visit your school premises and take measurements to design the exact location of your new school air conditioning units.


On the time and date that suits you, our engineers will arrive prepared with all they need to complete your installation. Before leaving your school site, they will perform a thorough inspection and provide you with a comprehensive school air conditioning certification warranty.


After installing your school’s air conditioning units, it’s vital to ensure routine cleaning and inspections regularly to guarantee the proper function and longevity of your system. Why not make things easy by simply enrolling in our competitively-priced maintenance plan?


Benefits of Air Conditioning for Schools

With a vast array of benefits to installing air conditioning in schools, not least of which is having a system tailored to your exact needs, there’s no reason to delay.

Cost-Effective Energy Saving

With our air conditioning units for schools able to both cool and heat classroom spaces, you save on budget by not needing to have separate units for both types of temperature control. Our AC units can be set thermostatically to control the indoor temperature, helping schools become more energy efficient overall.

School AC Systems
Silver Trees Air Conditioning Units outside

Improved Focus

Although there are no exact guidelines for maximum or minimum temperature within schools, the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states employers have a duty to maintain a ‘reasonable’ temperature.

Trying to work and remain attentive in an excessively hot or cold room is almost impossible, so installing air conditioning in your school’s classrooms will improve your staff and students’ ability to focus.

The cleaner air offered by AC units also helps staff and students as it removes CO2 from the air which can impact productivity.

Promoting Healthier Learning Environments

When coughs and colds or those suffering from respiratory conditions find themselves in spaces without clean air, it can make it impossible for them to focus, learn well or teach and AC units have a massive benefit in purifying the air in classrooms. Air conditioning in school can help those who suffer from asthma, hay fever and other allergies as the units remove many of the allergens, pollen, bacteria and odours from the air that cause discomfort. The AC units are also able to remove CO2 from the air which the HSE highlights as important – as cleaner air circulates the room.

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School Air Conditioning FAQs

The best air conditioning system for a classroom depends on several factors, including room size, number of occupants and budget. Ductless mini-split systems are often recommended due to their energy efficiency, quiet operation and ability to provide targeted cooling. They also allow for individual climate control in different rooms, making them adaptable to varying needs throughout a school.

Central HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems are typically considered the best for schools, offering consistent and efficient temperature control across multiple classrooms. They're energy-efficient, can include air filtration for improved air quality and are easier to maintain on a large scale compared to individual units in each room. But as each school’s situation and layout is unique it is best to consult a member of our expert team for a tailored approach for your school’s AC needs.

Many schools, especially older ones, lack air conditioning due to budget constraints, the age of the building or climate considerations. Installing or upgrading HVAC systems can be costly and some schools prioritise other educational resources over air conditioning.

In the UK, air conditioning for schools can seem a lower priority, however, with the effects of global warming meaning summers are warmer, and with exam season being in the hottest part of the year, as well as the possible impact of not having clean air on the spread of germs, illnesses and allergies and the knock-on impact on attendance, more and more schools are beginning to prioritise AC installation.

There is no law in the UK requiring air conditioning in schools. Decisions are left to individual schools, which must balance the need for cooling with available funding.

However, with the gradually rising temperatures of UK summers and a greater understanding of the value of clean air environments, more schools are choosing to invest in air conditioning system installation.

Those investing in AC are then reaping the benefits of energy saving, which climate control provides, as well as the fact one unit can both cool and heat spaces within the building - providing further savings to the school’s budget.

Schools commonly use central HVAC systems for widespread, efficient cooling. However, the type of air conditioning can vary, including rooftop units, chillers or split systems, depending on the school's infrastructure and specific needs. In schools where central AC isn't feasible, portable or window units might be used, especially in smaller spaces or as temporary solutions. To assess the perfect AC system for your school’s unique needs, why not try our online evaluation tool? Alternatively, contact our team for free, expert advice.