Air Conditioning Maintenance Coventry

Air Conditioning Maintenance Coventry

Air Conditioning Maintenance Coventry
Air conditioning offers a wealth of benefits ranging from high efficiency heating and cooling to enhanced air quality all throughout the year, but did you know that without maintenance its performance can decrease by 5% or more every single year?  That drop in efficiency not only means it will consume more energy when in use, it’ll also shorten the lifespan of your air conditioning through increased daily wear and tear too. If you’ve noticed your air con system isn’t quite getting to the required temperature when heating and cooling, the filtered air it provides is no longer as fresh, or it simply hasn’t had a checkup from an air conditioning engineer in over a year, it’s very likely you’ll need air con maintenance for your system. 
As the top air conditioning service specialist in Coventry, MAC can provide flexible payment options on maintenance packages for residential air conditioning, giving you the option to make a single payment for your annual service or in smaller monthly instalments.

Alternatively AC maintenance is also available for commercial or industrial premises in locations such as The Wave Waterpark as MAC can also provide options on ongoing maintenance contracts based on your needs. From split systems to ducted air conditioning and chillers, our team of air con engineers are on call for both domestic and commercial sites in Coventry and the surrounding areas. 

Is maintenance for air conditioning in Coventry mandatory?

With the performance and lifespan of air conditioning systems decreasing by at least 5% each year they aren’t maintained, that in itself results in higher usage costs and more frequent system replacements, but does that make maintenance mandatory?

Our Clients

Domestic Air Conditioning Maintenance - Validates your manufacturers warranty

When it comes to domestic AC systems which are usually both smaller and less complex than commercial hvac systems, annual maintenance may seem like an unnecessary expense, even when it still comes at the cost of increased energy usage; although maintenance is usually linked directly to your warranty as well. The majority of reputable air conditioning manufacturers including Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin will only honour a manufacturers warranty claim if regular maintenance has been properly completed by a qualified engineer and will not cover defects that arise as a result of a lack of maintenance either. 

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance – Required by EPB regulations & manufacturers warranty

Whilst for domestic households the requirement for aircon maintenance is primarily  linked to manufacturers warranty, this same requirement also applies to commercial AC as well. Although there is also some additional government legislation under the Energy Performance of Buildings 2012 that is linked to commercial AC maintenance too.

This stipulates that air conditioning systems in commercial buildings require maintenance at least once every five years, and whilst this only applies to systems with a collective output over 12kw, this is applicable to many medium to large businesses that have multiple air conditioning units on the premises.

The government have this legislation in place with the intention of not only improving efficiency but in order to reduce energy costs and consumption with their core focus for the UK being to reduce carbon emissions. 

How to tell whether your air conditioning may need repair and maintenance

Whilst it is recommended to arrange regular aircon maintenance once a year, it is also useful to be able to recognise the signs that necessary maintenance may be needed outside of planned preventative maintenance too. Not only is this helpful to avoid potential breakdowns of your air con unit, but it also will ensure optimal performance so the efficiency of your air conditioning stays high and you can maximise the lifespan of your aircon too. 


Key indicators that your aircon system may require maintenance service are:

Dirty Filters which not only impact air quality but dirt and debris will also mean airflow is obstructed and negatively influence the performance of your air conditioning, resulting in higher electricity use which will be reflected in your energy bills.

Unusual Odours also coming from your air conditioning is also a sign your air conditioner needs professional cleaning due to an accumulation of dust and debris or even mould due to moisture buildup from obstructed condensation drainage. 

Reduced Cooling Efficiency usually indicates your air conditioner has a performance issue which may be linked to a mechanical problem or occasionally reduced refrigerant levels hindering airflow.

Strange Noises coming from your air conditioning units are very likely to indicate a more serious internal problem which should be addressed as soon as possible for both safety reasons and to reduce further damage that could end up being irreversible if ignored. 

What are the benefits of Maintaining your Air Conditioning System in Coventry?

Arranging maintenance will help to keep your AC running costs low by addressing minor issues such as clogged filters which would otherwise collectively put additional strain on the operating functions of your air conditioning, resulting in not only wear and tear on internal components but increase its energy consumption as it has to work harder to achieve your desired temperatures as well. Similarly, when these minor issues are left unaddressed they will increase in severity over time, affecting more components of the system and eventually resulting in more substantial and expensive repairs being required.

Simply by arranging annual maintenance so these issues are resolved early when they are still minor reduces the likelihood of component failure within your AC system by as much as 80% as a result! This also contributes to the overall lifespan of your air conditioning and just the preventative measure of annual check-ups can increase the life expectancy of your air conditioning by a whopping 35%! Last but certainly not least, arranging planned preventative maintenance (PPM) will ensure you remain covered for manufacturer defects as all reputable AC manufacturers such as Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric will not cover defects that arise due to lack of maintenance. 

What Our Customers Say

What to expect with an air conditioning service and maintenance around Coventry?

Having the peace of mind knowing your air conditioning’s lifespan will be prolonged with planned professional maintenance is great, although you might want to know exactly what is done during the maintenance process, so we’ve put together a quick breakdown so you know what to expect when one of our engineers pay you a visit!

An AC maintenance completed by an MAC engineer will include:

– Cleaning filters, airways, evaporator coils and condensate pumps.
– Inspecting insulation, pipework and wiring.
– Completing service reports and checking for leaks, pressure and refrigeration levels.

Are you looking for a new air conditioning installation as repair is no longer viable?

Whilst air conditioning that is regularly maintained can last upwards of 15 years, if your air conditioning has already been in use for this length of time or it lacks some of the features offered by the latest AC models produced by the likes of Mitsubishi or Daikin, it may be worth considering a replacement system entirely. MAC offer a range of air conditioning installation options for buildings of all shapes and sizes, whether it may be an air conditioning unit for your home or one of the many commercial properties across the midlands, all air conditioning requirements are considered.

Specialising on the installation of air conditioning units featuring a variety of air conditioning features tailored to your individual needs, our team are passionate about providing the very best options designed to run as efficiently as possible and bespoke to your specific requirements. Investing in an air conditioning system and reaping the benefits couldn’t be easier!

You may not need a new AC unit with MAC's specialist repair services in Coventry

For professional air conditioning repairs, look no further than MAC to provide all the callout support and advice you need to resolve an emergency breakdown or longer term malfunctions so you can get your AC up and running again as soon as possible. For domestic locations from Broad Lane to the Hollyhead Road or commercial premises including schools, households, offices or even locations like the Coventry Transport Museum, MAC’s expert team offer repair services for all types of AC units. 

You won’t be kept waiting either as if for whatever reason our engineer cannot repair your AC same day MAC will provide a quotation on the parts required, sourced directly from the manufacturer. If you’re happy to proceed with repair, we will have the necessary components ordered and our engineer will return to complete your repair as soon as possible. 

Get Expert Air Conditioning Maintenance in Coventry: Free Quotes!

If your air conditioning system is underperforming when when it comes to cooling and heating, isn’t as energy efficient as it should be or you suspect it just needs a professional clean, your Coventry-based air conditioning specialists at MAC are here to help by providing the best solutions for maintenance of both commercial and domestic air conditioning systems throughout the UK.

As experts in specialist AC maintenance solutions for residential and commercial customers, MAC cover a wide range of air conditioning equipment in Coventry and across the UK with maintenance, installation and repair experience for all types of air conditioning systems including leading manufacturers Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin. With an unbeatable track record for the highest standard in customer service and transparent pricing for all professional service and maintenance, our team at MAC take pride in being honest and upfront with all quotations and advice we provide when it comes to home air conditioning or commercial air conditioning services in Coventry.

To discuss your requirements or simply ask a question about maintenance and repairs for or even a new air conditioning installation, MAC’s knowledgeable team just a phone call away on 0121 730 4800 with years of experiencing working with air conditioning and climate control, so you can discuss your requirements and find a solution that best suits you. You can even give us a call via WhatsApp on 07561 570 029  or send us a message to for more information on the range of air conditioning services we provide. Contact us today for the best air conditioning solutions in the Midlands!