Our Mhi Fde Ceiling Suspended Units

Mhi Fde Ceiling Suspended

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDE Ceiling Suspended Unit at MAC

For powerful and flexible air conditioning in your Midlands business or commercial space, look no further than the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) FDE Ceiling Suspended unit, available at Midland Air Conditioning (MAC). This innovative unit hangs discreetly from your ceiling, offering efficient cooling and heating without sacrificing valuable floor space.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Commercial Air Conditioning

Mhi Fde Ceiling Suspended

Optimal for sites without a false ceiling or void, these units provide installation flexibility, with multiple options for refrigerant pipe run positioning.

Mhi Fde Ceiling Suspended

Powerful Performance, Efficient Design:

The MHI FDE Ceiling Suspended unit boasts several features that make it ideal for commercial applications:

  • Powerful Cooling & Heating: Advanced inverter technology delivers exceptional cooling and heating capacity, ensuring a comfortable environment for employees and customers, even during the hottest or coldest Midlands days.
  • Flexible Installation: The suspended design frees up valuable floor space, allowing for optimal furniture placement and traffic flow within your business. This is particularly beneficial for areas with limited floor space.
  • Wide Capacity Range: Choose from a range of capacities to perfectly match the cooling and heating needs of your specific commercial space.
  • Multiple Airflow Options: Select models offer adjustable airflow direction, allowing you to direct cool or warm air towards specific areas for targeted comfort.

Beyond Basic Cooling and Heating:

The MHI FDE Ceiling Suspended unit offers additional functionalities for a more comfortable environment:

  • Dehumidification: Combat humidity, especially common in the Midlands, creating a more pleasant and productive work environment.
  • Optional Air Purification: Select models boast built-in air filtration systems, removing dust, allergens, and other airborne particles for improved indoor air quality. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses focused on health and wellness.

Why MAC Recommends MHI FDE Ceiling Suspended Units:

Here at MAC, we recommend the MHI FDE Ceiling Suspended unit for several reasons:

  • Powerful and Efficient: Enjoy exceptional cooling, heating, and dehumidification capabilities with advanced inverter technology.
  • Space-Saving Design: The suspended design frees up valuable floor space, maximizing usability in your commercial space.
  • Flexible Airflow: Targeted air distribution ensures comfort throughout your space.
  • Year-Round Functionality: Cool, heat, and dehumidify with a single unit, ensuring year-round comfort for your business.
  • Wide Range of Options: Choose the perfect capacity and features to match your specific needs.

The Ideal Choice for Businesses:

The MHI FDE Ceiling Suspended unit is the perfect air conditioning solution for businesses in the Midlands. Its powerful performance, space-saving design, and flexible airflow options create a comfortable and productive environment for employees and customers alike.

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