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Toshiba SEIYA

Toshiba Seiya: Cost-Effective Comfort for Midlands Homes

At Midland Air Conditioning (MAC), we’re dedicated to providing our Midlands customers with the perfect air conditioning solution for their needs. 

That’s why we proudly recommend the Toshiba Seiya series – a cost-effective option that prioritises both comfort and affordability.

Air conditioning Toshiba


An entry-level high-wall unit with a standard air filter with simple but appealing styling and features.

The Toshiba SEIYA Series

Designed for Value:

The Toshiba Seiya is a fantastic choice for budget-conscious homeowners across the Midlands. Here’s what makes it a great option:

  • Energy Efficiency: This series boasts an impressive A++ energy rating for cooling and A+ for heating, ensuring lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact.
  • Quiet Operation: Enjoy peaceful comfort with whisper-quiet noise levels as low as 19dB(A) in silent mode.
  • Elegant Design: The Seiya features a sleek and slim-line flat-panel design that complements any Midlands décor.
  • Year-Round Comfort: Not just for cooling, the Seiya also functions as a heat pump, providing warmth during the cooler Midlands months.
Features for Everyday Comfort: The Seiya doesn’t compromise on functionality despite its attractive price tag. Here are some features you’ll enjoy:
    • Dustless Coil: This special coated aluminum fin helps improve efficiency and reduce the need for frequent cleaning.
    • Self-Cleaning Function: Prevents mould formation on the heat exchanger coil, ensuring cleaner air circulation.
  • 2D Airflow Control: Enjoy personalised comfort with horizontal motorised louvers for pre-set airflow directions or automatic sweeping.
  • High-Quality Air Circulation: The Seiya efficiently distributes cool (or warm) air throughout your Midlands home.

A Perfect Fit for Midlands Homes:

Whether you’re in Rugby, Coventry, Hinckley, Nottingham, or Warwick, the Toshiba Seiya series from MAC offers a cost-effective and feature-rich air conditioning solution. It prioritises energy efficiency, quiet operation, and year-round comfort, making it a great choice for budget-conscious homeowners across the Midlands.

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