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Hotel Air Conditioning

Climate control is essential to a good night’s sleep and overall stay satisfaction. Keep your guests both comfortable and happy by installing our top-of-the-range hotel air conditioning systems – for heating, cooling and ventilation capable of boosting your ratings.

hotel air conditioning installed in a vintage style hotel room

Cost-effective systems and service


Quality installations by licensed engineers


24/7 repairs and support, all year round


Convenient aircon maintenance packages


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hotel air conditioning installation

Hotel Air Conditioning Installation

Reliable air-conditioning systems are essential for any hotel, regardless of size, location or clientele. With fresh cool air, energy-efficient heating and adequate ventilation that keeps mould, allergens and dust at bay, you simply can’t afford to skip on this fundamental feature. In fact, hotels with air conditioning consistently outperform hotels without it – and most guests will check whether you have AC before booking their stay.

With this in mind, you may be wondering how much it costs and how long it takes to get hotel AC installed. At MAC, we work quickly and efficiently to install your hotel air-conditioning units at a time that suits you.

Our team of qualified engineers will work around your timetable and your guests to avoid any unwanted disturbances and will complete your fitting as rapidly as possible, whilst sticking to our original quoted price.

Your Hotel Aircon Installation

At MAC, we don’t just supply the very best hotel air-conditioning systems – we also install them. We have a reliable team of fully qualified in-house engineers, ready to install hotel aircon that’s:






Long lasting



To find out how much your hotel aircon installation will cost, use our commercial calculator to find your ideal system and get a free quote. You can also contact us for a free consultation.


Use our quick and easy calculator to find the right AC system for your hotel or speak to a member of our friendly team for expert advice.


We’ll issue you with a free, no-obligation quote before coming out to survey and measure your space ready for work.


We work around your schedule to minimise disruption, sending a team of fully qualified, licensed engineers to do the job.


MAC won’t abandon you once fitting is complete. With our maintenance packages, you’ll also benefit from regular servicing and 24/7 repairs.

Our Hotel Air-Conditioning Units

At MAC, we’re committed to providing the best air-conditioning units for hotel rooms available on the market. We work with some of the UK’s top air-conditioning brands, providing full warranty coverage on all the units we install, in addition to offering unrivalled, cost-effective maintenance solutions.

Did you know we have a showroom?

To see these air conditioners in person for a full demonstration, you can book a showroom tour below.















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Hotel Aircon Servicing and Maintenance

With regular servicing and adequate maintenance, your new hotel air-conditioning units should last between 15 and 20 years. When you sign up to our maintenance plan, MAC will come out to your hotel to check and inspect your systems at least once per year, allowing us to detect and deal with potential issues before they produce any problems. We also offer ad hoc servicing and maintenance solutions.

We service and maintain all kinds of hotel air-conditioning systems, regardless of whether or not they were supplied and fitted by us. Our expertise includes:


Single and multi-room systems


VRV and VRF systems


Fresh air and extraction units

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Hotel Aircon: The MAC Maintenance Plan

It’s never nice when your heating breaks or your aircon systems fail. However, in hotel environments, even the shortest downtime can have maximum detrimental impact. If your guests are cold or struggling to cope with the sweltering summer heat, they are likely to leave negative reviews that could have a severe knock-on effect on your future bookings. That’s where the MAC maintenance plan comes in.

When you sign up to our hotel AC care package, we will provide regular, annual servicing that will keep your hotel aircon systems running as efficiently and effectively as when they were new. We will also be on call whenever you need us – seven days a week, 365 days a year – to deal with any maintenance issues as quickly and discretely as possible, allowing you to continue providing a top-rated hotel service without interruption.

Our maintenance package is available to hotels that have had their systems installed by MAC, as well as to hotels that had AC installed by other companies. You can pay for an annual plan in advance or opt for interest-free, monthly direct-debit payments – making MAC an affordable way of keeping things running.

The Maintenance Method and Process

Our goal is to give you top-quality office air-conditioning that will continue to operate at maximum capacity for the entirety of its useful lifetime.

When you sign up to our maintenance plan, our team of qualified, in-house engineers will do everything you need to make this possible, including but not limited to:


Conducting full pressure and performance checks


Cleaning and checking your filters and evaporator coils


Conducting a comprehensive leak test


Inspecting insulation, pipework, trunking and wiring


And issuing a detailed service report for your records and compliance

We’ll keep you updated throughout our process and will also be on hand to answer any questions. Should we detect any issues, we’ll aim to fix these on the day but may need to order parts in for older or more complex systems, in which case, we’ll complete your repairs as quickly as possible.

hotel air con repairs

Hotel Air Conditioning Repairs

If things go wrong, there’s no need to panic. Our engineers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – and there’s no air-conditioning issue they can’t solve. We will travel to your hotel as quickly as possible, aiming to complete our repairs on the same day.

If any system-specific parts are required, we’ll contact the manufacturer on your behalf and come back to fit them as soon as they arrive. However, we won’t leave you stranded. We can also provide portable air-conditioning units for the interim period, to ensure you, your guests and your staff are never without service.

Repairs are available for both existing MAC customers and new clients who got their hotel AC elsewhere.

Does your air conditioning need our repair service?

Hotel AC Callouts

Keep your cool when things go wrong, safe in the knowledge that the MAC team is here to provide support. Our engineers can come out to your site on the same day as your call, regardless of where you are in the UK and regardless of the day of the week or time of the year.

We aim to resolve all hotel air-conditioning issues quickly and efficiently, allowing you to keep your ratings high whilst remaining health-and-safety compliant at all times. Our engineering teams are qualified to deal with all kinds of hotel air-conditioning systems, including but not limited to:


VRF and VRV systems


Split and multi-split systems


Air purifiers and extraction units


Hotel Air Con

Portable Hotel Air Conditioning

For an immediate fix to your climate-control needs, you may wish to consider our portable aircon units. They’re a great temporary solution as you wait for your permanent systems to be repaired or installed.
Perhaps you’ve been hit by an unexpected heatwave, or your existing heating system has failed?

Whatever your circumstances, our portable hotel air conditioners solve a myriad of problems, from dehumidifying and purifying the air to providing reliable heating and cooling. Discover our range below.


The D12FS7 is suitable for cooling rooms in your home. It's highly compact meaning moving it around with its convenient handles and wheels is a total breeze!


Cooling only


Wireless remote control


Washable filter


Flexible exhaust hose - 1.5m


Suitable for areas up to 23m²


Natural Refrigerant R290


Ultra-low GWP

£500 Including VAT*

Includes delivery within a 35 mile radius of the West Midlands*

*Outside of this area additional charges will apply

hotel air conditioning benefits

Hotel Air Conditioning Benefits

In addition to providing cool, clean air, modern-day aircon systems serve to heat hotel rooms and shared spaces, as well as dehumidifying and purifying the air. They are therefore essential in any successful establishment. Not only will your guests feel more comfortable in their rooms, allowing them to enjoy a more pleasant stay and a better night’s sleep, but your staff will also be able to work more productively, uninhibited by temperature changes.

The right HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system can make a world of difference to the overall experience you provide in all areas of your hotel, from guest rooms and dining areas to conference areas, halls and gyms, spas and pools. What’s more, these systems are designed to be more energy efficient than traditional heating systems, allowing you to save money and cut your carbon footprint as you also work towards maintaining or increasing your ratings and securing rave reviews.

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Choosing The Right Kind of Hotel AC

There are many different types of hotel air-conditioning systems available on the market, ranging from central air-conditioning units and vertical terminal air conditioners to packaged terminal air conditioners (PTAC) and through-the-wall systems. At MAC, we understand that the choice – and terminology – might feel overwhelming, which is why we prefer to keep things simple.

All the hotel air-conditioning units we supply act as full HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems, meeting your each and every comfort requirement. The only thing you need to worry about is choosing aircon that’s the right size for your hotel and picking a system that will heat rooms individually or collectively, as desired. Our expert team would be more than happy to talk you through your options and explain how each type of system works. However, you might also like to explore our free online commercial calculator before getting in touch. Not only will this guide you through your available options, but it will also give you a good idea of pricing should you decide to proceed with installation.


Air Con for Hotels

What is Hotel Air Conditioning?

Yes, absolutely! Many UK hotel owners fall into the trap of thinking that they don’t need climate control, because we don’t live in a hot country. However, UK hotels are often underprepared for hot weather, leaving their guests stifled in stuffy rooms over the summer months. This is particularly the case in high-rise hotel buildings, where windows don’t open very much or in older buildings, which tend to be more poorly insulated, resulting in too much heat retention.

It's also important to remember that hotel air conditioning is not just for hot weather. Modern-day aircon systems also complete the cooling process in reverse, allowing them to supply a constant stream of hot air during colder weather. This makes them far more effective at heating your building during the winter than traditional central heating systems. They also tend to consume less energy, reducing both your heating bills and your carbon footprint.

Finally, hotel air-conditioning systems also serve to purify the air and dehumidify, making for a more pleasant environment all around. Your guests will be able to breathe cleaner, allergen-free air and you’ll no longer have to worry about pesky problems like mould and mildew – both of which commonly plague hotels in the UK.

Air-conditioned hotels get far better ratings than hotels without air conditioning, which is why we highly recommend investing in high-quality air-conditioning units for your hotel rooms, as well as signing up for our hotel air-conditioning installation and repairs.

The way in which your hotel aircon systems operate will ultimately depend on the type of units you install. At MAC, we supply both large and small units and it’s important to choose the right size for each room. You’ll also want to think about temperature control. For instance, guests are likely to want individual temperature control in their private rooms, but you will want to keep control over common areas like dining rooms, kitchens and conference halls. Certain systems allow multi-room temperature control with different conditions in each room, whilst other types of system provide uniform temperature throughout. Use our handy online pricing calculator or speak to our expert team to find the right kind of hotel air-conditioning system for you.

Hotels often use both air conditioning and ventilation systems to enhance air quality and allow for greater temperature control, although they are similar they are not quite the same thing.

Air conditioning systems purify and circulate existing air within an enclosed area whilst providing heating and cooling effects, but they do not draw upon air from outside. Ventilation systems on the other hand directly pull air from outside and into the building with the intention of creating a steady stream of fresh air throughout the building.

Not usually, no. Provided that you are not making any significant changes to your building structure, you should be able to proceed with your installation without any specific permits.

Having said that, there are a few exceptions in the UK. For instance, if you operate in a listed building or a property that’s located in a conservation area, you will need to contact your local planning authority. Likewise, it can be wise to contact the authorities for larger-scale installations prior to proceeding in any building, simply to avoid any unexpected issues further down the line. MAC can assist you with this as part of our installation process.

In addition to considering planning, you may need to consider building regulations if offering hotel services in a shared or rented building managed by other parties. This is to ensure that the building owner remains fully compliant with all relevant fire-safety and energy-efficiency standards. Of course, with the modern systems supplied by MAC, compliance is never a problem.

Hotel air-conditioning systems have earned themselves a bad rep. However, if properly maintained and regularly cleaned, they are perfectly safe for your guests to use.

That’s why we recommend taking advantage of the MAC maintenance plan, which includes regular checks and inspections. When run regularly and properly maintained, hotel aircon can actually reduce the likelihood of illness, as it serves to purify the air, reducing the number of potentially harmful particles circulating around. The only disease to be potentially wary of is Legionnaires’, but if your systems are run regularly, this shouldn’t be a problem. Legionnaires’ only affects AC and water systems that have been out of use for quite some time.

Another thing to think about when it comes to hotel air conditioning is placement. Avoid placing your AC units too close to – or opposite – hotel beds or other areas where guests will be sitting directly underneath, as a constant stream of cold air could dry their throats or make them feel uncomfortable. The experts at MAC can advise on the best placement to ensure the benefits of your hotel aircon are never compromised.