Office Air Conditioning

Office Air Conditioning

Office air conditioning isn’t just for the summer. It provides a constant, energy-efficient stream of heat all year round, in addition to dehumidifying and purifying your air. Not only does a cooler office environment promote productivity, but it also benefits each employee’s workplace health. We run one of the country’s most trusted air-conditioning services for a wide portfolio of prestigious businesses, providing:
Office Air Conditioning

Office Air Conditioning Installation

When it comes to climate control, it’s always best to leave installation to the experts. This ensures that everything is fitted and wired correctly, guaranteeing that your new system will stand the test of time.

Air Conditioning For Your Office
Office Air Conditioning MAC
At MAC, we have a reliable team of fully trained in-house engineers, each qualified to complete your office air-conditioning installation in a safe and timely manner. They work around your schedule to avoid interrupting your team during regular working hours and will issue a warranty upon completion for your full peace of mind.

Your Office Aircon Installation

Installing air conditioning in office buildings is just one of the areas we excel in. Contact us or follow the steps below to book your installation and benefit from our unrivalled office air-conditioning service.
We’ve developed a handy online commercial pricing calculator to guide you through your choices and give you an accurate idea of pricing. The team would also be more than happy to discuss things with you in detail and provide free, impartial advice.
Once you’ve chosen your system, we’ll issue you with a free quote. Should you choose to accept, we’ll come out to your offices to measure up and plan the exact location where your new office air-conditioning units should be installed.
Our engineers will come fully equipped with everything they need to complete your installation at a time and on a date that’s convenient for you. They’ll check everything thoroughly before they leave, also issuing you with a full office aircon warranty.
It’s important to schedule in regular cleaning and inspections to keep your systems running as they should. Why not sign up to our affordable maintenance plan to make things easier to budget for and remember?

Our Office Air-Conditioning Units

At MAC, we supply the best office air-conditioning units in the UK. Whether you’re looking for small office air-conditioning units or need larger, multi-room systems, we’re guaranteed to have the perfect solution for you. Our air-conditioning services are also second to none – and with installation included with your purchase as standard – you have nothing to lose from our one-stop shop for office aircon.
We want you to feel confident in our servicing process and our engineers will keep you well informed throughout their visit. When you sign up to our servicing and maintenance plans engineers will;

The Maintenance Process and Method

If any issues are discovered, our engineers will make every effort to rectify as much as they can whilst on site. Our team is always happy to answer any questions you have to make sure you’re updated every step of the way.

Office Aircon Servicing and Maintenance

We recommend servicing your office air-conditioning units at least once a year, in order to keep potential issues at bay. Without professional maintenance, systems can become 5% less efficient each year but with regular checks, your office aircon should continue to function perfectly for approximately 15-20 years, without any major repair works or part replacements.
The engineers at MAC are fully qualified to work with all kinds of office air-conditioning systems, including but not limited to:

The MAC Maintenance Plan for Office Aircon

Whether you’re using your office aircon to keep your employees happy and productive or rely on our commercial systems to keep your office equipment cool, we understand the importance of keeping things running without downtime. That’s why we offer a dedicated office AC maintenance plan. You can pay annually or on a monthly basis, guaranteeing regular servicing, checks and inspections designed to keep potential issues at bay.
The MAC Maintenance Plan for Office Aircon

Office Air-Conditioning Repairs

Whilst we take great care to supply the best office air-conditioning units in the UK, working with some of the world’s best manufacturers and using the most qualified engineers for inspections and installations, things can still go wrong. Luckily, we offer a reliable repair service, available to offices seven days a week, 365 days a year. As such, you’ll never be without climate control service for long.
Our engineers can usually fix a problem on the same day of their initial visit but sometimes, we will need to order in specialist parts. In such instances, we may offer you portable office air-conditioning units to tide you over until we can get the job done.
In addition to repairing systems that we have supplied and installed, we will also repair office air-conditioning units acquired from other providers.
Air Conditioning Installation

Emergency Office Callouts

In need of urgent aircon repairs? Whether you’re worried about letting your servers overheat without working air conditioning or are fully committed to making sure your workforce is happy and productive at all times, we’re here to ensure you can continue running business as usual. Contact us at any time to book your urgent callout today.
We’re able to repair all kinds of office AC systems, regardless of whether or not they were installed and supplied by us. The systems we work with include:
Office Air Conditioning

The Benefits of Office Air Conditioning

There are multiple benefits of installing air conditioning in your office. We all perform better at work when we feel comfortable. Office air-conditioning systems help to ensure that your office is kept at a comfortable temperature all year round, whether you need cool air to refresh you from a summer heatwave or require heat to protect your workforce and equipment from the cold.
It’s not just a question of comfortable temperature, however. Office air conditioners also serve to filter out any pollutants, dust particles and allergens from the air, reducing the risk of respiratory problems and allergies among your team.
Of course, it’s also important to protect your office equipment from extreme temperatures. If your office is filled with computers or other essential business equipment, air-conditioning systems can be used to prevent them from overheating, ultimately saving you from potentially devastating damage and data loss.
Office air conditioning is a great way to lower your energy bills whilst also doing your bit for the environment. Because the modern air-conditioning systems supplied by MAC are capable of producing a greater temperature output than the energy they take in, they are incredibly energy efficient, meaning that over time, you will pay less, whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.

Choosing The Right Office Air Conditioning

Think your office could benefit from one of our top-of-the-range air-conditioning systems? We’ve made a handy online office air-conditioning calculator to help you find the right AC units for your needs. Simply go through the questions online to get your own personalised recommendations and free quote.
Interested in learning more about how our recommendations work? We take your individual circumstances and requirements into account, in order to ensure that we supply and install systems that are right for you. This includes considering the size of your space to determine the right heating and cooling capacity, as well as considering the type of system that most closely matches your needs.

Looking for a short term air conditioning solution to keep your business cool?

Portable home and commercial air conditioning units are ideal for temporarily cooling during heatwaves or as a stand-in whilst your installed system is being repaired. Compact and convenient, portables offer a quick and easy solution; they even dehumidify and provide air purification too!

As a business, you also have the exclusive option to hire as well as purchase from a range of different options we have available.

Other Commercial Services We Provide

MAC offers a range of units utilising heat pump technology specifically designed for commercial working environments, so we can ensure they offer unparalleled…

MAC can provide (AC) air conditioning units for schools, colleges and universities to provide cooling in the warm and muggy summer months and heat during.

Keep your guests both comfortable and happy by installing our top-of-the-range hotel air conditioning systems – for heating, cooling and ventilation capable.

What Our Customers Say

Client Testimonials

Midland Air Conditioning takes great pride in providing a five-star service that clients around the country are incredibly happy with. We’ve worked with a range of high-profile clients across the UK, including Smiggle, Claire’s, and Birmingham’s Bullring & Grand Central.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Units

Jessica Wheeler

I’ve been working with MAC for 10 years. Previously, they were incumbent suppliers to the Ballet School, but when I decided to retender all major contracts on my appointment as Principal, MAC still won on the basis of value for money and the excellent working relationship they had built.
MAC keep the environment comfortable and safe for our students and staff – which has become more important since the COVID crisis. Air quality being ‘on point’ is vitally important for the health of our younger people, particularly those who we are responsible for safeguarding while they are boarding away from home.
We have a huge amount of trust in MAC. We can call them anytime and depend on them for advice and support, whether we have a new project in hand or need help in a crisis. When we had a flooding emergency, MAC responded instantly and were there in the middle of the night, sorting out the damage and organising dehumidifiers.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Units

Matthew McCoy

As ABM Facilities Manager, I’m responsible for the efficient management of Birmingham’s famous Bullring and Grand Central – the UK’s top shopping and leisure destination, with 250,000 sq ft of premium and leisure retail premises, 253 outlets and over 40 million visitors a year – all of whom expect to be kept comfortably warm in winter and suitably cool in summer.

MAC has been our preferred supply-chain partner for all air conditioning across both complexes for over 8 years. We require exceptionally high standards and MAC has never delivered anything less.

Reliability is key. MAC ensures our air-conditioning systems are well maintained and keeps costs down for our many tenants; the team is always at the end of the phone if I need them and they deliver a great customer experience that’s both professional and highly competitive.

We get the whole package from MAC and I’d recommend them without hesitation.