Air Conditioning
Installation Derby

Our team at Midland Aircon are here to assist those in need of air conditioning services within the Derby area. We offer air conditioning installation in both domestic and commercial spaces, alongside maintenance and repair services.

Our specialist engineers ensure nothing but professionalism and with our 24/7 support, we can arrive at your home or place of business at the earliest convenience.


Energy and cost saving solutions


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Air Conditioning Installation Derby

Domestic Air
Conditioning Derby

Domestic Air Conditioning Installation in a Derby home

We provide quality installation and assistance for your home air conditioning throughout Derby. Our team can both supply your unit and deliver it straight to your home for minimal disruption to you and your household.

Our units come in an extensive range of colours to complement your home design and offer the highest level of comfort.

Domestic air conditioning can be used throughout the year to manage the temperature of your home and we are proud to offer competitive prices within the Derby region.

Commercial Air Conditioning Derby

Derby Office Air Conditioning Installation

For businesses within the Derby area, we also provide commercial air conditioning installation. We have over 15 years of experience within the air conditioning sector and are confident in our provision of installation services for your office, warehouse, factory, or other dedicated workspace.

Installing an AC unit within your commercial space may also reduce your overall business expenses. They are a good long-term investment since after the initial installation costs, they cost less money to run and maintain than traditional modes of temperature regulation.

MAC’s Derby Air Con Services

Our top priority is to provide exceptional air conditioning services, as demonstrated by our esteemed reputation. You can trust us to deliver a professional air conditioning installation for your Derby home or commercial setting. Air conditioning units offer numerous advantages such as creating a comfortable environment and enhancing air quality. Furthermore, installing air conditioning in homes can increase their value by up to 10%.

After choosing your preferred unit, we will visit your premises to measure and schedule the installation at your convenience. We also provide 24/7 maintenance and repair services 365 days a year. If you're interested in obtaining an air conditioning unit and its benefits, please fill out our domestic or commercial price calculator, and we'll handle the rest.

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