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Mitsubishi AP/AY

Mitsubishi AP/AY: Flexibility and Efficiency for Midlands Homes

Here at Midland Air Conditioning (MAC), we know Midlands homeowners have diverse needs when it comes to air conditioning. That’s why the Mitsubishi Electric AP/AY series is a frequent recommendation for our customers.

Mitsubishi Electric wall mounted aircon unit

Mitsubishi AP/AY

A wall mounted system with a modern white design, that includes state-of-the-art Wi-Fi control as standard.

The Mitsubishi AP/AY Series

The AP/AY series offers a perfect blend of flexibility and efficiency, making it a great choice for a variety of situations:

  • Multi-Split Capability: This series can be configured as a multi-split system, allowing you to cool multiple rooms with just one outdoor unit. This saves space outside your home and offers a more streamlined look.
  • Range of Capacities: The AP/AY boasts a wide range of capacities, from a compact 2.0kW unit perfect for smaller rooms to a powerful 7.1kW option ideal for larger areas. This allows us to find the perfect size unit to efficiently cool your specific needs.
  • Stylish Design: The Mitsubishi AP/AY features a sleek and modern design that blends seamlessly into any Birmingham home’s décor.
  • Year-Round Comfort: Beyond cooling, the AP/AY series functions as a heat pump, providing efficient and comfortable heating during Birmingham’s cooler months.
  • Energy Efficiency: Like all Mitsubishi Electric products, the AP/AY prioritises energy efficiency. It utilises inverter technology and R32 refrigerant to keep your running costs low.

The Mitsubishi Electric AP/AY series for its adaptability, efficiency, and ability to deliver year-round comfort. Whether you have a single room or a multi-room layout, the AP/AY offers a flexible and efficient solution for your Birmingham home.

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