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Mitsubishi Zen

Breathe Easy in Style: Introducing the Mitsubishi Electric Zen at MAC!

At Midland Air Conditioning (MAC), we’re excited to announce the arrival of the brand new Mitsubishi Electric Zen series to our selection!

This innovative air conditioner prioritises both style and comfort, making it a perfect fit for our design-conscious Midlands customers.

Mitsubishi Electric wall mounted aircon unit

Mitsubishi Zen

A slim and stylish wall mounted system featuring both high energy efficiency, air purification and convenient wifi control. Three colour options are available to best suit your interior décor.

The Mitsubishi Zen Series

Here’s what makes the Mitsubishi Zen a standout:

  • Modern Elegance: The Zen boasts a sleek and sophisticated design with a distinctive front panel. It comes in three stunning colour options – white, grey, and black – to seamlessly complement any Birmingham home’s décor.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: This series operates at incredibly low noise levels (as low as 21dBA on some models), ensuring peaceful cooling without unwanted noise pollution.
  • Energy Efficiency: Like other Mitsubishi Electric products, the Zen prioritises efficiency. It utilises R32 refrigerant, an eco-friendly option that translates to lower running costs for Birmingham homeowners.

Advanced Comfort Features:

  • The Zen utilises Mitsubishi Electric’s inverter technology for efficient and consistent cooling.
  • A built-in 3D i-see sensor (on some models) automatically adjusts temperature settings based on room occupancy and body temperature for personalised comfort.
  • The advanced filtration system removes dust, allergens, and even microscopic particles, offering improved indoor air quality.
The Mitsubishi Zen for those seeking a premium air conditioning solution that blends seamlessly into their stylish Birmingham homes. It offers whisper-quiet operation, advanced comfort features, and exceptional energy efficiency, making it a truly remarkable addition to the air conditioning landscape.
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