Air Conditioning West Bromwich

MAC supplies an extensive range of air conditioning services throughout West Bromwich and the nearby areas. We install, repair and maintain units for various properties and businesses.

Our skilled engineers work with numerous units including:

  • Portable air conditioning units.
  • Air handling units.
  • VRF systems.
  • Split and multi-split type systems.
  • Chilled water systems.

Air Conditioning Installation 

We install top-end units by LG, Panasonic and other acclaimed brands. Our experts receive up-to-date training to the highest industry standards to deliver an excellent finish and perform the installation safely.

Wherever you need the installation, whether it’s in your home, office or warehouse, we can provide a quote for any sized installation.

Air Conditioning Repairs 

Breakages happen, sometimes they are unavoidable. If a problem with your air conditioning system occurs, MAC offer a dedicated repair service for the West Bromwich area to fix the issue, whilst also checking for any other potential faults that could cause you future problems.

Our experienced team are time-efficient, with minimal stoppage time to quickly return the room to a desirable temperature.

Split & Multi-Split Type Systems
Checking Air Con Unit

Air Conditioning Hire

MAC offer portable air conditioning solutions. Our portable solutions are available for businesses in West Bromwich and surrounding areas to hire or purchase. We stock various portable air conditioners; providing a solution for businesses of all sizes.  

Air Conditioning Maintenance

We advise frequent maintenance on your air-con system. Components such as filters, coils and fins require maintenance to correctly function. As mentioned before with repair fixes, if faults can be identified earlier, the easier it is for our engineers to resolve and the less costly it will be for you in the long-term.

MAC’s maintenance services are available to all residences, and commercial and industrial businesses within West Bromwich, and include:

  • Filter cleaning.
  • Wiring insulation and pipework inspection.
  • Leakage checks.

For more information or for a no-obligation quote, call us today or complete our online contact form.

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