Call Outs and Maintenance With MAC

Callouts and maintenance with MAC engineers

At MAC we proudly offer our 5* repair service, including 24/7 callouts 365 days a year and expert maintenance to keep your AC in perfect operating condition. We make sure we’re there for you when you need us and have prepared a short guide so you know exactly what to expect.

What Is the Difference Between Call Outs and Maintenance?

A callout is when one of our engineers attends to investigate your air conditioning system to find and resolve any issues. Although sometimes these issues can’t be resolved there and then as additional parts may be required.

Maintenance or PPMs (Planned Preventative Maintenance) have our engineer attend to perform a similar series of checks to ensure your AC system is running smoothly without any prior issues being reported.

Maintenance visits will be scheduled beforehand whilst callouts are in direct response to a visit request.

What Does Regular Maintenance Cost?

All our visit costs are tailored to each location because the type and number of air conditioning units will always vary just as much as any potential repairs will never be quite the same. But for some guidance, we have a general example below.

  • 1x Split system (One indoor unit and one outdoor unit) = £100**

More than one AC system may be subject to a lower cost per system.

*Call out fees will need to be paid before our engineers can attend – failure to pay will result in non-attendance.

**All prices are estimates and for guidance only. Pricing excludes VAT and any additional parts required.

How Many Maintenance Visits Per Year Do You Recommend?

At MAC we recommend your air conditioning system has a maintenance visit every 6 months or at least once per year.

Are All Repairs Completed During a Visit?

We want to ensure your AC is running smoothly and any repairs are completed as soon as possible, so our engineers will always do their best to complete any repairs on your AC during their visit. Our engineers carry regular parts on their vehicles and using them for general repairs will simply be reflected as an extra charge on your callout invoice. Sometimes manufacturer spares may be needed, and we will need to contact your AC manufacturer to find out the cost and availability of these parts before we can provide you a quote.

How Long Will It Be Before You Send a Quotation and When Will the Engineer Come Back?

When a repair involves specialist parts for your AC system, we go direct to the manufacturer to ensure we source correct and official parts for the best price. Usually, we can provide this quotation within approximately 24-48 hours.

Once you have approved our quotation, our help desk will aim to have an engineer return to you within approximately 1 week. This time may vary depending on the time of year and the availability of the parts from the manufacturer, but we will always keep you updated, and our engineers will return to complete any repairs as soon as possible.

Call MAC Today!

Our engineers are on call 24/7, 365 days a year. So, if you need to arrange an emergency call out – get in touch today at or call us on 0121 730 4800.

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