Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning: MAC’s Guide to Greener Air Con

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Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning: MAC’s Guide to Greener Air Con

Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning

As the temperature is creeping ever hotter the evidence for climate change is difficult to deny. That’s why at MAC we’re all about reducing our carbon footprint and making our units as eco-friendly and energy efficient as possible.

If you’re looking for a greener, more eco-friendly air conditioning system or HVAC, then look no further! Our top tips will help you to minimise environmental impact without compromising on your comfort.

Cycle of Cause and Effect

When making an exciting new air-con purchase, it can be easy to overlook energy efficiency, but poorly-performing air-con units have the potential to contribute to global warming, as well as significantly increasing your electricity bill. This causes temperatures to rise further and drives the demand for air conditioning even higher, continuing the cycle.

This is why Team MAC wants to educate our customers and help them make the best air con choice for themselves and the environment!

MAC’s Top Tips for Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning

If you’ve decided that you want to improve the energy efficiency of your air-con system, then check out our top tips below!

Unit Size

If your air-con unit is underpowered or oversized for the space it’s in, it will waste energy by either overworking to reach the desired temperature or turning on/off rapidly, resulting in excessive heating and cooling. Both outcomes will end up costing more on your electricity bill but worse still, both will cause significant wear and tear on your AC system and increase the chance of breakdowns.

A properly sized air conditioning system will run almost constantly when active – which is what you want! Powering on and off frequently to reach temperature causes your AC system to use significantly more energy than simply maintaining a constant temperature.

Unit Efficiency

Older air-con models tend to be much worse for the environment. This is because their technology is outdated and came before innovative energy efficiency fixes.

The number one way to improve the energy efficiency of an old unit is to simply replace it with a newer model.

Your old unit is also likely to make a lot more noise, interrupt your sleep or focus, and struggle to reach your desired temperature.

System Type

Using split or multi-split systems like those offered by MAC, mean that each room is individually regulated, making it more efficient than ducted or central air conditioning.

The MAC Difference

Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning: MAC’s Guide to Greener Air Con

It can easily be assumed that air conditioning is a luxury that contributes to environmental issues, although that isn’t strictly true. Air conditioning offers a cleaner solution for heating than gas-powered central heating systems, as it utilises a reverse cycle to produce heat. You can read more about this process in one of our previous blogs, all about using air con to heat your home.

By choosing to be mindful of the energy efficiency of your air-con unit and choosing the right unit for your space, you can help make the air-con industry and your space much greener and save some money on your energy bills too!

If we’re to reach our Net-Zero goals in time, we’ll all have to work together to make better choices, and eco-friendly air conditioning can help to achieve this. For personalised advice get in touch with MAC today – we’re always happy to help.