Relaunching Our Portable Units

Portable Air Conditioner

The team here at MAC is excited to announce the official relaunch of our portable units! The addition of portable air conditioning units for hire or purchase further establishes our place as the air con experts.

What Are Portable Air Conditioning Units?

Portable air conditioning units offer the convenience of being mobile and offer the perfect temperature control solution for those that do not have access to permanent air con.

These units are ideal for single-room air conditioning and often have wheels to allow easy movement between rooms. Although the units are also small enough that they could be moved up and downstairs with minimal effort.

If you want air conditioning in your bedroom at night, home office during the day, and in the living room in the evening, a portable solution supplied by MAC may be ideal for you, especially if you’re on a budget.

How Do They Work?

Portable units are quick and easy to set up. Simply consult your installation kit and then plug your unit into a mains electrical socket. Once plugged in it is important to ensure the hose or pipe of your unit hangs out of a window or door. If using a door, you should note where the door leads, as the purpose of this hose is to vent your unit. Therefore, the hose needs to lead to the outside of your home.

But how does this unit work? Portable air conditioning units act like self-contained AC, pulling heat from the room and venting it outside through the exhaust vent (hose). The air is then circulated inside the unit and is cooled to your ideal temperature before being sent back into the room. For more information on how air conditioning works, check out our recent blog!

A Variety of Portable Solutions

At MAC we offer a comprehensive range of portable aircon options, ranging from evaporative coolers, which work slightly differently, to the more widely known portable air conditioning unit. Plus, each unit also comes with a range of added features for you to benefit from.

Extra Features

As well as offering complete temperature control within your environment, our portable solutions also come with a range of added bonuses. These extra features include:

  • Air purification capabilities.
  • A dehumidifier option.
  • Handles and/or wheels for easy transportation.
  • Wireless remote control for easy operation.
  • Washable filter.
  • Flexible exhaust hose with a length of 1.5m, to make it easier to ideally place your unit.
  • And more!

Rent or Purchase?

At MAC we want to offer flexibility to our customers. That’s why businesses have the option to hire these portable solutions for an extended period. The minimum hire length for a business is 8 weeks, which is the perfect amount of time to cover those hotter summer months! Or you can extend this for as long as is required.

But don’t worry if you’re not a business customer – you won’t miss out. As our units can also be purchased, offering a flexible and adaptable air con solution that is also budget friendly. Plus, MAC offers free delivery within the Midlands area!

For an air conditioning solution that provides a fresh and comfortable environment wherever you are, enquire about our portable solutions today. Plus, you can now purchase these units directly through our website, or through our eBay and Amazon stores depending on your preference.

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