What Is the Difference Between a Split and a Multi-Split Air Conditioning System?

multi-split air conditioning

At Midland Air Con, we supply and install both split and multi-split air conditioning units, but what exactly does this mean? The difference between the two is much simpler than you might expect. Whether a split or multi-split system is right for you will vary based on the needs of your home or business.

Split Air Conditioning Systems

Split air conditioning systems are also referred to as single-split systems. This is because they operate with a single indoor unit paired with one outdoor unit. A split air conditioning system is best if you’re looking to target a single room with your air-con.


  • Cost-effective – Split systems are comparatively cheaper than multi-split systems.
  • Simple installation – The installation process for these systems is both quicker and less costly compared to multi-split.
  • Targeted power – A split system with be specific to a single room and provide optimal temperature control.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems

Multi-split air conditioning systems utilise a single outdoor unit that can be connected to multiple indoor units. A multi-split air conditioning solution is best for several rooms with different climate needs


  • Independent control – Multiple indoor units can be separately controlled, although their power is shared.
  • Space-saving – Only one large outdoor condenser will be required to operate with multiple indoor units.
  • Flexible – Small and large-capacity indoor units can be utilised using the power of a single outdoor unit.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact

Both single and multi-split systems are energy efficient and are a cost-effective solution for heating and cooling, provided they are suited to your individual requirements. An oversized unit of either type will waste energy unnecessarily, whereas an undersized unit will not consistently meet demand.

We ensure all the units we provide at MAC are matched to your needs, being A+ to A+++ EER (energy efficiency ratio) rated and utilising the more environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant gas. You can be confident your air conditioning will not only be efficient but kinder to the environment too.

To find out more about air conditioning’s effects on the environment, check out our finding greener air-con blog!


Any large purchase is an investment, although the energy savings you can make using air conditioning in place of your current heating system will reflect in your monthly bills quite rapidly, meaning your air conditioning will be paying for itself in no time!

Cost is naturally going to be a factor when deciding whether you would prefer a split or multi-split system, especially as their pricing can vary depending on your requirements. The number of indoor units you require as well as their power will be reflected in the multi-split and its cost. For example, if you wanted to purchase three indoor wall units with one multi-split outdoor unit, you can expect the total (including install cost) to be approximately +10% compared to a purchase of three single split systems.

With a range of options on offer, our air con experts at MAC are on hand to ensure that you choose the domestic or commercial ac system best suited to your circumstances. Get in touch today for personalised advice.

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