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Mitsubishi Electric air con products accredited installer

Mitsubishi Accredited Installer

Innovative & high-quality air con systems that offer competitive prices.

Toshiba air con products certified partner

Toshiba Certified Partner

Global brand offering domestic & commercial air con solutions.

Daikin air con products D1 approved installer

Daikin Approved Installer

Established & trusted global brand primarily for commercial air con.

Our Online Calculators

Use the MAC online, fixed price calculator to find the best air conditioning option for you, depending on your circumstances!

single split air con example for domestic split calculator

Domestic Single-Split

Split AC is a single indoor unit paired with one outdoor unit.

This air con is best if you’re looking to target a single room.

multi room air conditioning (2)

Domestic Multi-Split

Multi-split systems use a single outdoor unit that is connected to multiple indoor units.

This air con is best for several rooms with different climate needs

Ducted Air Con Units


If you're a commercial customer this calculator is for you!

No matter your industry, room size, or power requirement, MAC has the AC solution for you.

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